One of the fun things about being part of a virtual team is not only the variety of people you get to know, but discovering the connections between them that exist outside the company. For instance, coworkers who attended college together, whose children know each other, or who are related to each other in some way. Today’s team member falls in that last category: he’s married to longstanding team-member Amy Driehorst!

Mike joined us in January, and we’ve all enjoyed getting to know the “other half”‘ of the dynamic Driehorst duo. I especially appreciate his professionalism and out-of-the-box thinking, not just with our clients but also in our daily team interactions. It’s a pleasure working with him, and I’m happy to have him share a bit more about his life “behind the screen.”

Meet Mike Driehorst

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’ve always been fortunate that I, essentially, get paid to ask questions, be curious, and learn new things. From my early days as a newspaper reporter to my move into PR and media relations, and adding social media marketing to my career, I feel I’ve been blessed with daily opportunities to learn.

The core of what I’ve learned is that, it’s not who you work for or what you do, but it’s the opportunity to make an impact, professionally and personally. In your day-to-day interactions, you hardly know what impact you can make so try to be at your best.

What’s the last book you read and really enjoyed?

I tend to read in spurts and sometimes read multiple books at once. One of my favorites of late is Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit. I’ve always been curious about the how-to’s of things (how people got where they are, motivation, etc.) and Duhigg’s exploration of habits, and how valuable they are and can be, really opened my eyes. I know why I do some things and how to try to change by bad habits.

Just for fun: tell us one thing that’s on your bucket list!

I don’t really have a bucket list but, if I had the right combination of time and money, I’d love to take a week-long (or two) vacation on a houseboat, fishing off the side, swimming at leisure, and just floating or slowly putting along.

How did you get connected with Weaving Influence?

I’m fortunate to have known founder/CEO Becky Robinson since before she started Weaving Influence, and have watched it grow and evolve mostly from an outsider’s view. It’s been fun being on the inside since January. In December, Becky contacted me about an opportunity in PR and, since I was looking to move, it was a perfect time and a good mutual fit.

PR Strategist Mike Driehorst

Share a little about your role on the team.

I started Jan. 4, and have worked mostly in PR. However, I have also worked in project management with two to three clients outside of PR. I’ve also been involved in the Corporate Champions program, and other areas, as needed. The authors/trainers client work is new, compared to past client work, but in some ways it’s not. I still have to connect client’s expertise with the needs of relevant media. It’s what makes the day-to-day work challenging and fun.

What’s your favorite aspect of your work?

The variety of clients. Though many are similar, their approach is different enough — and I need to convey that to media.

Could you share one thing you’ve learned from working with the #WITeam so far?

One aspect I’ve been reminded of is that, really, every project is different and deserves a different approach. While there are similarities, clients are not paying us for “templated” work.

How can people connect with you outside of Weaving Influence?

Thanks Mike! It’s been great getting to know you a little better! 

Got any questions for Mike? Leave them in the comments below!