Three years ago, my husband and I were in the City of Light, celebrating our “last hurrah” before we settled down and finalized the adoption of our five kids. We didn’t realize that it would be almost three more years before that was completed and the kids were home, so we made the most of our time in Europe and enjoyed being together, eating good food, and grateful for each moment.

Three years later, I’m not only celebrating Valentine’s Day with my husband and our kids, but I’m also celebrating our middle daughter’s 7th birthday which falls on this day of love. Much has changed in the last 36 months, including my role with Weaving Influence, but I find myself overflowing with gratitude and love for the way that I have been allowed to continue my connection with the team, while learning how to juggle being a mom of five.

When I talked to Becky earlier this year about the possibility of returning to Weaving Influence in a different capacity, I wasn’t sure how it was all going to work. However, while Weaving Influence has grown and I have changed, Becky remains the same in her dedication to her team, and her willingness to work with each one to find a way for them to fit doing work they love into the life they live.

This aspect of Weaving Influence means more to me now than it did during my time as the Book Launch Director. Now, as a consultant working a few hours each week while learning how to juggle kids, laundry, and snow days, the flexibility that I have in my Weaving Influence work has been a gift.

I am grateful for the freedom that Becky has given me to once again help provide for my family while doing work that I love. I appreciate the way that my former co-workers have welcomed me back – for however long – and have allowed me to ask questions as I try to get my “mom brain” back into work mode. When everything else in my life is changing on a daily basis, it’s been nice to have an outlet where I can work and thrive because I feel confident in my skills.

Some people choose a company to partner with because they like the price of the package or the quality of past clients. Some choose a partner because of a personal recommendation or a previous engagement with the team. I don’t know why you might be here at the Weaving Influence blog, or if you are looking for a book launching team to join you in your journey, but I can tell you that as a contractor, this team – and its fearless leader – care about the individual. They want success for you, whether you are an author, a Buzz Builder, a part-time blogger, an employee, or a tired mom who is trying to squeeze in some contracting work between school runs.

After almost five years, Weaving Influence continues to weave their influence online and in the lives of those who are fortunate enough to be a part of the WI community. As I have adapted to my new role within the company, I find myself feeling very much the same as I did during those golden days in Paris: enjoying regular engagement with people I love, savoring the work, and grateful for each moment.