A couple of weeks ago, I talked with a trusted friend about the rapid fire growth I’ve experienced in my business this year. She said something that I am still thinking about, still rebelling against, if I am really honest with myself (and you.)

She told me that I should consider putting my own writing projects on hold for a while.

They’re not essential to your business, she said.

I know you love writing e-books, but maybe this isn’t the time to be writing them, she said.

I mentioned her comments to Angie, who is my right-hand person, helping me manage the business these days.

She agreed.

But I grumbled.

It’s easy for me to see the business reasons why it’s more important for me to focus on our core work. My business is new — started officially in March, although I’ve only been working in the business full time since June.

I’ve released 3 e-books over the past ten months. I’ve given away lots of them, and I think they have added to the overall value I offer clients. I haven’t extended much energy in trying to sell them, and as a result, I haven’t sold many either.

So my friends’ advice makes sense.

But here’s the thing — I have ideas all the time.

Over the past week or so, I’ve spent about 5 of my consulting hours talking with clients about LinkedIn. Several conversations have centered around what I call a LinkedIn tune-up. I hear myself repeating the same tips and advice and the first thought that comes to my mind is: there should be a 31 Days of LinkedIn Tips E-book next. Or, at the very least, I should write these tips into blog posts.

I’ve got four big ideas for new e-books and I’ve started writing 2 of them. My goal had been to release another e-book on October 1 (not happening.)

I am doing the essential things because the essential things demand doing. And I love the work that fills my calendar.

Yet still there is this desire pulling me to find the time to continue to write and publish e-books, if for no other reason than that I love to do it. Is that a compelling enough reason? Or is the time to write and publish e-books a luxury I can’t afford right now? If I ignore my wise friends’ advice, is it to my own peril? Or should I push ahead, even if it requires a sacrifice?

Tell me something! What do you think? Is it important to listen to my friends’ wise counsel? Or is my love of writing reason enough to continue?