Some big changes are coming to readers of 12 Minute Media.

I’ll explain more later, but for now, I realize that there may be a lot of broken links here. Be patient with me?

If you came here from a redirect from, welcome to my favorite space online  — Weaving Influence.

If you are a longtime reader of Weaving Influence who has not followed my work at 12minutemedia, you will likely notice a shift in the content I am sharing here.

I will still share personal reflections, from time to time.

My main focus here at Weaving Influence will be to help you build a valuable online presence.

12 Minute Media fans, rejoice — I’ll still share 12 minute tips.

I’ll be working on some remodeling here and cleaning everything up again and getting things back to normal as soon as possible.

Questions? Thoughts? I’d love to hear them.