He plugs away for countless hours, through discipline and focus, to move things forward.

Early mornings, weekends, late nights, from a vacation beach-side in Aruba, my often-unseen collaborator, John Marcello, executes website development magic for our clients.

Our websites look fantastic, due to the creative designs of the talented Rachel Royer, our head designer. But they function well, with user friendly content management systems, because of John’s painstaking work.

Over the past 15-months, since John joined us at Weaving Influence, we’ve delivered so many websites that I’ve stopped counting. In the past week alone, we’ve launched 4 new book marketing microsites with a 5th one coming by week’s end.

In the midst of completing micro-sites for our busy fall book launch season, John has been attending to the finishing touches on the now-live fully mobile responsive GreatLeadersServe.com, including our first custom e-commerce solution.

The site may not look different from the original site at GreatLeadersServe.Org, but it is vastly different, with a new photo blog and massive functionality which poises our client, Mark Miller, to offer more of his valuable leadership content to the world.

I think I work hard but John matches or exceeds me. He is disciplined and shows up daily, delivering on his commitments.

John is so busy, in fact, that he hasn’t taken the time to add his bio and photo to our team page, despite my kind nagging.

As a result, he may be invisible…we don’t typically unveil our websites with a big reveal. We work virtually, so there are no pizza lunches at crunch time or toasts with bubbly when we complete a project.

But the value John brings in providing competent, caring services to our clients is not unseen by me.

John, I would not be able to do half of what I do without you. Thank you. I look forward to all the great work still ahead of us!

Now, go write your bio and add yourself to the team page, will ya?

Want to see more of John’s great work? Check out this just-launched book marketing micro-site for Hello, My Name is Awesome.

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