Three years ago I’d been working with Becky for one month. We were in the process of launching of Dare, Dream, Do by Whitney Johnson, and Becky was ready to step out in faith to start working full-time for her own company – pursuing her entrepreneurial dreams while helping others reach their goals.

Whether she’s encouraging a first-time author, offering social media advice to a client, or helping an ever-growing team of contractors (and now, employees) see their dreams become realities, Becky has always been the driving force of Weaving Influence.

As a company, we are successful, but it’s due in large part to Becky’s belief in her vision, her team, and her clients. Many of us “behind the scenes” folks have long dreamed about working from home or working for ourselves, but we lacked the courage to sell our skill sets. Becky was able to see beyond our inability to promote ourselves and offered us an environment to learn, grow, and produce in the most flexible way possible.

When I started working with Becky, I had very little confidence in my own abilities, and wasn’t sure I had anything to offer. Three years later, as the Book Launch Director and senior member of the contractor team, I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned while working alongside Becky, in addition to the new skills and techniques that I have picked up along the way.

On behalf of the #WITeam, thank you, Becky, for opening doors of opportunity. Your generosity, support, and willingness to try new things are why we have seen amazing success and growth in the last three years, and it’s been an honor to work alongside of you during that time.

Would you join with the Weaving Influence team in wishing Becky a very happy birthday?

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