The Weaving Influence team is a virtual one, and most of us have not yet met in person. I’ve met all but one team member face to face, but none of the current Weaving Influence team members have met in person (yet!).

Although we are geographically dispersed, we are growing as a team, and I could not be more proud of the work we are all doing, both on the job and off.

One way we all stay in touch is through a Facebook group. Our Facebook group is a place where we build community by sharing about our lives outside of work. It’s also a place we can share wins and celebrate accomplishments together.

And it’s become a place for encouragement and accountability for the runners on the team.

Yup, running is becoming a team thing — positive peer pressure and all that.

Thanks to the team’s encouragement,  I’m on pace to meet my goal of running 500 miles this year. I’ve run 291. If I run about 11 miles per week through the rest of the year, I’ll get there.

Margy runs daily and Carrie, who walks regularly, is lending her talent to A Penny a Pass  (also on Facebook and Twitter), supporting the work of a woman who is running to make a difference.

And @fab_angie and @mollypg, get to meet for the first time as they run this 5K (for a good cause).

I really love that! I’m really proud of them.

Molly is a new runner, still-breaking-in her-running-shoes new. Angie began running earlier this year and is sprinting toward her goal of a half marathon in early September. She’s also running for a great cause and has nearly doubled her original fund raising goal. (Wouldn’t it be cool if she surpassed her goal… today? Would you consider a gift to her cause?)

I wish I could be in Chicago with them, running. Instead, I’ll stalk Facebook for photos of their first meeting and Molly’s first 5K.

And I’ll likely run a little farther and a little faster on Saturday, inspired by their example.

Tell me something! How do you connect with your coworkers/team? What common interests bring you together? If running is one of your things, what keeps you going?