This is a big day for Weaving Influence.

We are having our first ever informational meeting/training for possible new team members/subcontractors. In a slight shift from our up-until-now virtual team, we are meeting in person, in my home. Three of the attendees are local, while one is driving in from a few hours away. A fifth person is participating via Skype. And Amy, who lives locally and works (mostly) virtually is joining me for the day.

I’m excited about the possibility of growth, but it is not just about adding to the team in numbers. I am also excited about growth in capacity (we will be able to serve more clients, more effectively), growth in knowledge, skills, and talent, and growth of creating possibilities.

Growth in capacity. This is obvious. By training and preparing new team members, we’ll be able to say yes to new clients. The more people we have ready to work, the more work we will be able to complete.

Growth in knowledge, skills, and talent. The current members of our team are consistently looking for opportunities to learn and grow skills, knowledge, and expertise. With every project we work on, we see places we can deepen our expertise, and we look for opportunities to learn from others. I am so proud of the ways the current team is willing to experiment and find ways to accomplish more on behalf of our clients. We want to find more ways to add value to our clients — every day. I’m grateful to Mark Miller, who suggested the idea of each of us becoming “subject matter experts” on areas relevant to the business.

Growth of creating possibilities. Perhaps the most exciting part of this journey for me is that growth of the business means more opportunities to make a difference. Many of the subcontractors interested in working with my company are looking for flexibility and the possibility of doing meaningful work amidst other priorities: motherhood, ministry, and making a difference in their families and communities. As my business becomes increasingly effective, as we sign and serve more clients, we have more opportunities to make a difference for our clients. As we are more profitable and expand, we can make a difference for more people as they find and do work they love.

Tell me something! What does today hold for you? What other reasons would you see for growing a business?