When Your Day Begins with a Mistake

When Your Day Begins with a Mistake

I have a habit of completely unplugging at night to be more focused on my family and give myself a break from the busy pace of my work day.

If I hear a text come through, I will sometimes walk to the phone to read it. I ignore email, Twitter, and Facebook; 13 hours of immersion and connection is enough.

This is a strategy that works quite well for me. My team knows I unplug at night, and no clients have complained (yet.)

Enter: a training call that I scheduled last night for 8 pm ET.

It’s funny, in this case, I don’t remember hearing the calendar alert. And I know why — at 8 pm, I was still upstairs, finishing my girls’ bedtime routines. My phone, downstairs, on the charger.

So, I woke up to an email from the delightful CEO of Maestro Market, Ian Shea, asking me about our planned Go to Meeting, the one I scheduled and then forgot.

My day began with a realization of a mistake.

What could I do? Go back to bed (tempting), cover up for my mistake (my first thought was that it had to be a calendar malfunction.)

Here’s the only thing to do.

Admit it. (Wow, I messed up. I know your time is important.)

Apologize. Look for a way to make it right. (I’m sorry. Can we reschedule at a time that’s convenient for you?)

Move on.

In my case, I am moving on to a busy day. The pace will be hectic; I’ll need to stay focused and present. I’ll need to bring my best, do my best, give my best.

There’s no time for feeling sorry for myself, or beating myself up.

I have made mistakes before. I will make mistakes again. I may mess up bigger than this later today, although I don’t plan to.

Instead, I’ll pray for grace in each moment, for these moments — TODAY — is the only day I have.

Tell me something! What do you do when your day begins with a mistake?

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  • I realize I just woke up to “a learning opportunity”, assuming this same event only happens(ed) once! Pick myself up, figure out what happened & why, and make a change, if necessary.

    • Great perspective. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  • Thanks for setting a great example! Admit, Apologize, Move on. I need to remember this.

    • Don’t forget: make it right. (Thus, my not so subtle shout-out to Ian and his company.)

  • Great post Becky. I think moving on can be the hardest part as is admitting it, especially to someone other than yourself.

    • I guess I got over that quickly by admitting it to the whole world (or the 17 people who read my blog, lol).

  • I spend a little time wondering what just happened. Then I forgive myself so I can move on. Then I figure out what has to be done to resolve the issue. If it affects others, make it right with them too. Decide how to prevent it from happening again. Get back on the horse and ride.

  • Yes, on point Becky. The sooner you can address is, the sooner you can clear your heart and head and move on. Great post.

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