You Just Have to Do It

You Just Have to Do It

In a comment on yesterday’s post, my friend and client Julie (so kindly) wrote: “You are the best at this, Becky. It’s a real gift the way you demonstrate a sincere interest and desire to connect with others.”

Her comment made me smile.


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Being interested in others and engaging with them isn’t just for those of us who have a gift.

In fact, even if connecting with others is your gift, you still have to choose to exercise it.

If we want to make a difference, we all have to choose to find ways to connect authentically with others.

Even if it’s not comfortable for us. Even if we’d rather not. Even if it feels like very hard work.

I know that’s easy for me to say, since I love connecting and relating to others.

But there are other things I don’t do so well. Plenty. (Ask my husband and kids, if you must. Or ask my team.)

The thing is, if I want to enjoy the benefit of having done them, I must do them.

Even if it’s not comfortable for me. Even if I’d rather not. Even if it feels like very hard work.

Tell me something! Does relating to others and connecting come naturally to you? What do you do that you’d rather not do, because you want to enjoy the benefits?

Julie Winkle Giulioni (follow her on Twitter), whose comment I referenced above, has a brand new blog where she shares about career development, leadership, learning, and happiness. I think you’ll enjoy her insightful perspective and I hope you’ll check out her blog, today. The Weaving Influence team is proud to support her in the launch of her first book, Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go. 

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What People Are Saying

  • Connecting and getting to know new people is very easy for me. Though I find it’s not easy for everyone else.

    For example, when a stranger sends me a connection on LinkedIn,I first ask for a phone call to get to know them. This will make the connection more meaningful. I’m looking for relationships not just connections.

    Yesterday, I met someone who was a “Friend” on Facebook. I went up to her and introduced myself and she was happy I did. Frieda went on to tell me a touching story of her 24 year old daughter losing a battle with cancer. She started a foundation on her behalf called Hope For Heather.

    When I checked my FB this morning, I realized I had deleted Frieda months earlier because we never interacted. I immediately sent her a friend request along with a note thanking her for sharing her daughter’s story with me.

    Now, we have an authentic relationship.

  • To some degree, connecting is easy, Becky. Balancing it all, that’s the not so easy part.

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