There’s something about opening a new calendar that urges us to spend time reflecting and refocusing for the year ahead. We come out of the holiday season tired of looking at last year’s unfinished projects, fatigued by too little rest and too many sweets, and eager to reset our brains and bodies. That makes the beginning of a new year the perfect time for re-evaluating strategies, adjusting goals, and focusing on new directions.

Maybe you’ve done that already. Maybe you’re still working through it. Maybe life is crazy, and you settled for a single word or focus for the next twelve months instead of stressing over accomplishing specific goals this year.

Whatever your approach to accomplishing things in the new year, whatever your goals or focus might include, here are some recent tools from Weaving Influence that can help you continue moving forward in 2019, and make this your best marketing year ever.

Facebook Live Videos

Want access to book marketing tips and inspiration from other authors and thought leaders? Check out our regular Facebook Live sessions, available on the Weaving Influence page. Our CEO and founder, Becky Robinson, meets virtually with authors across the country to discuss their top book marketing ideas, strategies for success, and favorite book launch tools. Don’t miss out on this easy opportunity for continued learning! Access past videos here.

Book Marketing Action Guide

What are your book marketing goals for this year? How are you planning to accomplish them? Over the years, we’ve spent countless hours testing and refining our book marketing methods, and have figured out a comprehensive strategy that any author can use to launch their book successfully.

The Book Marketing Action Guide is a comprehensive course designed to help you build your platform and get your books to the audiences they were written for. It walks you step-by-step through the four phases of a book launch: building, working, launching, and advancing. Learn more here.

Content Library Automator

If you’ve been blogging for a year or several years, you’ve accumulated a wealth of content. Are you making the most of your investment? We’ve created a one-of-a-kind DONE FOR YOU resource to help.

Our Content Library Automator provides a valuable tool to cut your effort in organizing your existing blog content and creating new content to share. It also creates templated social media posts to highlight your archived content. You can utilize it to streamline daily social media posting, quickly craft new email marketing messages, find inspiration for creating new content, and jumpstart larger projects from a neatly categorized archive of topics. Learn more here.

Free Ebooks

Looking for blurbs? Book endorsements from well-known people provide important credibility and social proof for your book. Learn how to seek endorsements for your book with Making the Ask, our step-by-step guide for how to best approach your dream endorsers. Download here..

Just need some inspiration for your journey? Whether you’re running your first marathon, starting a new venture, or well into your business journey, you’ll find ideas, inspiration, and encouragement in the pages of Setting the PacePaired with questions for personal reflection, each section will give you insights for your journey. Download here.

What are some of your book marketing goals for this year?