Earlier this week, I  talked with my friend Whitney Johnson about the upcoming back to school season.

Her daughter Miranda and my daughter Cami are entering 6th grade. Back to school time holds so much promise and excitement for our children, and for us. What new opportunities will this school year bring? What new friendships? What new growth?

As our kids prepare to return to school, Whitney and I are excited to launch the first ever Dare to Dream Teleclass, a four week opportunity for ten women to join with us for a new opportunity to learn. We expect our teleclass to be a place for friendship, support, and growth. Using Whitney’s book as a guide, we’ll explore the three step process of Dare, Dream, Do. At the end of each call, every participant will have a list of specific action items moving forward. And we’ll circle back to those items the next week during our call.

This teleclass will be a mix of group learning and group coaching, and we expect it to be life changing for those who choose to participate.

The cost for the two week class is $199, and we will meet on Wednesday evenings at 8 PM ET beginning September 12 and concluding on October 3rd (meeting dates: September 12,19,26 and October 3.) I hope you’ll sign up and set aside this time on your calendar.

Would you like to join us? Sign up here and invite a friend to join you.