Abandoned or Postponed?

Abandoned or Postponed?

My oldest daughter is turning ten next Sunday. This decade, my first decade as a mother, has passed impossibly fast.

Earlier this year, I had a big idea. I planned to write a book for my daughter as a gift for her birthday. She is a voracious reader and she loves to hear stories about my life. My concept — to write a book in four parts, with lessons and stories from each of my four decades.

I wrote nearly two thousand words, which seemed like barely a start. I posted my introduction here and got a good response. But then I stalled.

I wondered how I could possibly finish a book in time for her birthday. The more time that passed, the more impossible it seemed.

My life is pretty busy (whose isn’t?). I juggle my day job and family and have recently added some extra work and personal writing projects. It seems like every day presents a new exciting opportunity or idea and I have  trouble saying no.

In saying yes to lots of ideas and opportunities, I said no to the idea of writing a book for Cami’s big birthday.

Until this morning, I thought of my book idea as abandoned, left behind.

Except. I can still write the book, when the time is right. It can still be a gift, even if I finish it when Cami is twelve or twenty.

Not abandoned, postponed.

Tell me something! What dreams or ideas have you set aside? Is now the time to return to them? What ideas can you re-frame from abandoned to postponed? And, when will you know that the time is right to return to those dreams?

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  • The date of the gift can be postponed but the spark of the idea can live in your mind until the time is right. What an amazing gift when she is an adult and can start to appreciate all the stories, granted that will mean more decades to record! My mother wrote me letters for my birthdays when I was little and hid them away, someday I will get them officially. They tell of what I liked and the things that were happening at that time of life.

    Creative projects sometimes need time to sit and contemplate. I have a painting that is waiting for the next inspiration to complete the next phase. The painting has been waiting for a year, and I am still not decided what the next step should be. Granted ideas come and go but when the time is right the paint will flow from my brush. I think you too will find that when the time is right your stories will be ready to be shared and no matter the occasion or date of completion your gift will be cherished by the entire family.

  • Never rush the muse.

  • Agreed…but even a sneak peek into the intro would be a great birthday gift. Maybe as winding down and before going to sleep. It will live in her most cherished memories forever. Isn’t that the main thing we can do as parents, build their memories of us?

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