You never know when one of those questions is going to come out of their mouths.

Those questions.

The ones you’re not sure how to answer.

The ones that represent an opportunity for important conversation.

The ones that give you a glimpse into their young and thoughtful minds.

Those questions.

This week at breakfast, Natalie asked one.

Does it hurt when you go to heaven?

I wasn’t sure what she meant at first. Then she explained. You know, like when Grandma died. Did it hurt when she went to heaven?

Natalie believes, as I do, that death is not the end.

But even in the context of our shared faith, there is no easy answer for her question.

I try to explain.

(Natalie, when someone is sick like Grandma was, it might hurt to die.)

But what happens next, does that hurt?

(No, honey. The Bible tells us that in heaven there is no pain and God will wipe every tear from our eyes. Grandma’s not in pain anymore. It didn’t hurt when she went to heaven.)

This seems to satisfy her, and she returns to her cereal.

I am still thinking about her question this weekend and about one very painful death more than 2000 years ago.

All of my faith, all of my life, hinges on that one death.

More than that.

All of my faith, all of my life, hinges on what happened three days later, when Jesus conquered death and rose again.

I expect more of those questions this morning at breakfast.

How did Jesus rise from the dead? (I don’t know.)

Is Grandma celebrating Easter in heaven? (I think so, every day. She’s singing the loudest of anyone, I bet.)

Will she eat ham for Easter, too? (If there’s ham in heaven, she’ll be first in line to get some.)

Is he really alive? (Yes, I believe it’s true.)

He’s alive.

He’s the answer to every question. Even — especially— the most difficult ones.

I realize that not all of my readers share my faith in Jesus. I don’t typically write about my faith in this space. It’s not a secret, though. And on a day like today, there’s nothing more important for me to write about. Tuesday, I’ll be back to more of what you’re used to reading here. See you then. Whether you’re celebrating Easter or not, I hope you have a wonderful day.