I’m not afraid to let people know who I am. In fact, I sometimes feel like I am too open about my insecurities, doubts, and struggles.

And yet — I find myself telling it like it is: to current clients and trusted advisers and also to potential clients, to team members, to people I’ve just met and people I’ve known longer.

I’m not comfortable projecting an unrealistic image: confident, powerful CEO (ha!) Instead, I prefer to be myself: eager, enthusiastic, sometimes confident, sometimes insecure. I am growing — I can see how far I’ve come and I can also see many areas of opportunity (read: weaknesses.)

Sometimes, I share something, letting my insecure side peek through, and wish I could stuff the words right back into my mouth. Is it really okay to let you know I don’t have it all put together? 

Except: this is who I am. Do you still want to work with me? Great — because I really like you and I want to work with you, too.

I think the truth is that

  • even if you don’t tell me, you have insecurities, too.
  • you can sometimes see your weaknesses more clearly than you can your strengths.
  • your confidence is, though not exactly put on like a suit and tie , elusive at times. It’s something you occasionally have to muster up.
The truth is, you are just you: wonderful, amazing, and powerful, full of potential.
And also: vulnerable, and broken, weary, and sometimes insecure.
It’s ok. I am too.
Tell me something!   Are you comfortable sharing your struggles and areas of vulnerability? Are you comfortable when leaders you respect share their vulnerability? What drawbacks do you see to my approach? What benefits do you see?