It’s a rather well-known statistic that around 80% of startups fail in the first 18 months, and 50% of fail in their first five years. Thankfully, Weaving Influence has made it past both of those milestones — we’ll hit 6 years on June 1 — and we’re still going strong. What’s made the difference?

Diverse Culture & Strong Values

Weaving Influence has a diverse team with remote workers all across the globe. We have team members everywhere from the local office in Michigan, to California, Wyoming, Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, and even Jerusalem, Israel! Juggling multiple time zones with a team full of remote workers can be tricky, but we communicate well — and often — with each other and with our clients, and work hard to be clear and concise in both internal and external communications.

We are committed to cultivating an environment where people can do the work they love, create opportunities, and grow in relationships. Our team members are passionate about providing excellence and practicing our core values. We practice responsiveness in communicating both individually and as a company, flexibility in assigning or helping with projects, generosity in lending both time and expertise whenever possible, integrity in doing what we promise (both to clients and to each other), partnership in sharing each other’s struggles and successes, and growth in always looking for ways to improve as individuals and as a company.

Like our founder, Becky Robinson, has written previously: “While metrics matter, it’s the people who motivate me to work toward achieving results so that my company will thrive in the next five years and beyond.”

Unique Value & Proven Expertise

After six years of book launches and digital marketing, we know what we’re doing — and yet, we’re always learning more. Our team is committed to experimenting and developing the best strategies and most up-to-date approaches for a variety of online and offline platforms. We’ve been around a few years: we’ve seen online platforms flourish or die, social trends thrive or diminish, popular strategies succeed or fail. Through it all, we’ve uncovered the timeless marketing principles that effect real, lasting success . . . and we share those ideas freely with clients, blog readers, and other audiences.

Whatever you need to connect your real-world experience with online audiences — as a thought leader, published author, regular blogger, or keynote speaker — we’ve got you covered. We bring fresh creativity and talented experience to the table, whether through our book launch experts, web development team, graphic designers, public relations team, book production services, or social media specialists.

A Variety of Helpful Networks

Weaving Influence has grown from a simple focus on promoting book launches, to a network of online communities that work together to support and provide valuable content for companies, leaders, authors, and professionals interested in growth and networking. Those communities include:

  • Weaving Influence — our umbrella brand with 116 book launch celebrations, 90+ webinars, dozens of websites, and hundreds of clients served overall
  • Weaving Influence Lab — an online learning platform for authors at any level, and our new DIY Book Marketing Action Guide
  • Hometown Reads — featuring over 100 locations, with over 5,000 books and 2,700 authors, and a brand new #ReadLocal shop
  • Author & Speaker Showcase — featuring over 40 thought leaders involved in inspiring change across the globe
  • Corporate Champions — our program for corporate readers offering access to business and leadership books for use within their organizations
  • Team Buzz Builder — our network of over 300 leadership coaches, managers, and bloggers who play an integral part in our book launch strategy
  • Lead Change Group — our globally-recognized leadership media destination written for and by top leadership and business professionals

As someone who’s been part of the Weaving Influence team for over 5 years, I’m thrilled to see the evolution and growth of our company from a small startup to a thriving network of leadership and marketing communities. It’s been an exciting ride, and I’m eager to see where the road goes next!

How has Weaving Influence touched your life in the past six years?