I cleaned out my closet over the weekend and packed up more than 5 bags of clothes to donate.

Now my closet is more organized than it’s probably ever been. I can see my clothes. It’s tidy, orderly, and wonderful.

I cleaned out my dresser, too — which means I can actually open and close my drawers. Putting away laundry, something I typically avoid, will be much easier now.

I feel lighter, and by more than the weight of the clothes I’m removing from my closet and drawers.

So it fits that Sunday’s newsletter from Chris Brogan included encouragement to clear the mental clutter. “Your mental shelves are full to bursting and there’s stuff all over the floor around them.”

Though Chris referenced information overload, he inspired me to think, instead, about what’s weighing me down mentally and emotionally.

You know, those less-than-helpful thoughts that creep in?


I call them lies, but I live like I believe they are true.

What is true: I am enough. I am not a failure.

Unfortunately, though I bag up and banish those big, heavy bags of mental clutter on a regular basis, the lies somehow creep back in, one at a time, until (again) my mental shelves are stacked high and only an all-out purge will make it right.

Mental clutter drains my energy from more productive thinking.

I wish there was a way to get free once and for all,  recognizing the lies for what they are and getting rid of them forever.

But I’ve found that what works better is a daily commitment to choosing the truth instead. When I hear the lies, I can move them aside and remember the truth:

I am not a failure. I am enough. I can make a significant difference in the lives of others.

Tell me something! What mental clutter do you need to clear? Will you choose, today, to replace lies with truth?