I like being safe and comfortable.

I like to stay home, put on sweatpants, and snuggle with my girls.

I like sleeping in my own bed, with my own pillows.

I like sitting in my favorite chair with my feet propped up.

I like:

predictable routines — pizza on Friday, pancakes on Saturday

doing the things I know how to do well,

cooking the recipes I know by heart,

thinking about things the ways I always have,

driving to places I can find without the GPS,

spending time with people who have heard my stories a hundred times.

I’ve been writing about taking risks, about stepping out and trying new things.

I’ve been writing about it because I’ve been doing it, and it’s difficult.

It’s hard for me to push past my love of safety and comfort to think in new ways, tackle new tasks, and relate to new people.

I know it’s hard for you, too.

Let’s do it together. We have to push past comfort if we want to make a difference.

Guess what? This is my 50th post in this new space!

I am honored by all of you who comment on my posts. Thank you for the time you take to think and reflect about the things I write here.

I invite you to share your thoughts about this post or respond to my special request in the next paragraph.

This is a special thank you to my leaderfriend Angie Chaplin, who shared her story of risk and her new, exciting career in the comments to my last post. If you haven’t read her comment, please take a moment to go back to it. Then come over here and share some encouragement with Angie OR send her a tweet @angiechaplin. Angie, I’ve walked with you on this journey. I am still with you. I believe in you. I can’t wait to celebrate all the good things that will happen in your life.