Featured on Friday {Fanfare}: @btreasurer

Featured on Friday {Fanfare}: @btreasurer

Remember last year when I told you  about the new website our team designed and created for Bill High? Well, they’ve been at it again! New year, new website for one of our long-time friends of the Weaving Influence team, Bill Treasurer.

Fun Fact! Bill was our very FIRST Featured on Friday post back in July of 2013!

Our web crew worked diligently on this project and now it’s time to celebrate their work on the site, and Bill’s work as a consultant and leader. Sit back and check out the first 2016 “Fanfare” edition of Featured on Friday!

Bill, and the team at Giant Leap Consulting, are on a mission: COURAGEOUS LIVING AND LEADING – building workplace courage and inspiring fantastic results.

At the revised and updated site, you can learn more about:

You can also find free resources to help you in your journey, and learn more about hiring Bill to speak at your next company retreat or corporate event. If you haven’t already bookmarked The Giant Leap Consulting blog, then you’ll definitely want to spend a few minutes poking around there and reading through past posts. Ready to go check it out? What are you waiting for??


Leave a note on the newest blog post and let him know we sent you!

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  • Very nice! I like the website which it is very well organized. I really like the photo that speaks of camaraderie and team work. The strategic planning workbook will be a valuable resource.

    • Thanks, Jane! Make sure you tweet your comments out to @btreasurer as well! 🙂

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