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Melissa Lamson works with businesses of all sizes, including small and medium companies, large multi-nationals, Fortune 500s, government, non-profits, universities, and hospitals. Her ultimate mission is to help global organizations collaborate and prosper across a diverse workforce and customer base.

Melissa Lamson

Melissa Lamson, Founder and President of Lamson Consulting, is an author, consultant, and speaker who accelerates the business expansion goals of today’s most successful companies by developing global mindset, refining leadership skills, and bridging cross cultural communication. She has 20+ years of experience growing leaders, bridging cultures, and empowering teams.

As a sought-after speaker, facilitator and executive coach, she uses her unique global expertise to help companies and leaders take charge, expand their international business, and achieve real results. She has offered companies like Ikea, LinkedIn, MTV, Porsche, and SAP the leadership tools and insights to build successful management and project teams in every corner of the world. Melissa develops and teaches leadership skills, including time management, effective feedback, situational leadership, and coaching. She also has a proven track record in Diversity and currently facilitates a popular workshop for women on Networking & Advancement Strategies. Melissa has also authored five books on various aspects of international business culture, writes regularly for, and shares more of her insights on her own Global Leadership blog.

Lamson Consulting

Melissa offers executive coaching, training, and facilitation solutions for workplace challenges such as: Management Skills, Leading Virtual Teams, Intercultural Training, Gender Cooperation, Work-Life Balance, and Developing Global Mindset. She also offers various Management Development workshops for both individuals and small groups.

Perhaps one of Melissa’s greatest passions is her focus on #WomenAdvance. Many companies today reap the benefits of a diverse workforce, but there are a few challenges to creating more equality in the boardroom. Melissa has pioneered the way with a series of ground-breaking programs for women and men on how to cooperate and communicate more effectively in the workplace. She has several unique resources, a free video series, and multiple workshops that seek to break down barriers and promote more gender equity.

Melissa Lamson - Strategies for Spectacular LeadershipStrategies for Spectacular Leadership

Whether you’re new to management or a veteran leader, it can be difficult to lead others. We need the right balance between authority vs. autonomy, consensus vs. direct decision-making, and friendly vs. firm. Join the exclusive free webinar with Melissa on December 7 at 2pm EST to learn more about her simple formula for spectacular leadership. Register here.

Check out Melissa’s new site to learn more:
  • Women Advancement — this page includes free downloadable resources and information about Melissa’s unique approach to gender in the workplace!
  • Management Workshops
  • Leadership Books
  • Global Leadership Blog

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