When you find something amusing or helpful, don’t you want your friends to know about it? Well, we consider each one of you to be our friends, and this week we’re using our Featured on Friday post to share some of the best links that our team has found over the last week.

Ready? Start clicking!

  • Wondering how to get more people to read your post, or should we say, article? One of our newest team members, Megan, found these suggestions from explore B2B to be quite useful.
  • Looking for some fun social media trivia? Becky shared this list of 21 marketing facts with us earlier this week – and no, we weren’t surprised by #21 on the list.
  • This link comes from no one in particular, but we wanted to remind you that you have until Monday, August 5 to write a post and share the link for the Leadership Opportunity Blog Fest, hosted by Bill Treasurer.
  • While you’re at it, have you downloaded your copy of 31 Days of Twitter Tips? Becky’s giving it away for FREE through September 1!
  • Curious about the use of hashtags on Facebook? Molly shared this “how to use” guide on the Weaving Influence Facebook page – have you liked us yet?

It’s Your Turn! Tell us what articles and links we need to be checking out… we might share it in the next Favorite Finds link up!