Featured on Friday: #InspiredBook Buzz

Featured on Friday: #InspiredBook Buzz

We promote a lot of  books around here. Over the last two years, several of our authors have made the decision to use some – or all – of their book profits to help others.

Mark Miller, author and co-author of The Secret, The Heart of Leadership, The Secret of Teams, and Great Leaders Grow, donates the proceeds from his books to three of his favorite organizations.

Last year when tornadoes hit the mid-west during the launch of The Collaboration Economy, author Eric Lowitt made a quick decision to donate a portion of sales to help the victims.

Bill Treasurer continues to donate the proceeds from Leaders Open Doors to organizations that help people with special needs (watch the video to see why).

Others donate privately and we never know about it. The truth of it is, as we get to know these authors we find them to be generous with their time, talents, and resources, and their generosity to others, whether public or private, comes as no surprise.

The latest author to join the ranks of those who are publicly giving back (and asking for your help) is Linda Freeman. In January 2013 we launched her first book, THRIVE!, and for the last few months, we have been working on the launch of her second book, Inspired for Greater Things.

Although the book was in production when Linda left for Cambodia last fall to work with Teen Challenge (you can read about her experience here and here), the trip completely changed her plans. After seeing, first hand, the work being done among former drug addicts, single mothers, orphans, and those who have been rescued from sex trafficking, Linda made the decision to donate 100% of the proceeds from Inspired for Greater Things to construct a biogas digester  (wondering what that is – read all about it here).

Becky Robinson – CEO of Weaving Influence (and my boss) – is always encouraging her team to be “mindfully generous”. This comes to mind as I have the honor of working with Linda on her book launch. Linda is being “mindfully generous” with the book income, making sure that she is not just giving a hand out, but a hand UP, helping better the lives of those who are rising out of their past and looking hopefully to the future. It’s something that excites me, and I hope it excites you as well.

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