You’ve probably caught on to the fact that the team members of Weaving Influence are scattered from Michigan to South America, and from California to the Carolinas. As a virtual team, we have a lot of ways we stay in touch. There’s the obvious: emails, phone calls, texting, and the occasional real-life meeting. And then there’s the not-so-obvious: secret Facebook groups, Google Hangouts, Basecamp, and Twitter. The Bottom Line: Communication is key.

I’ve recently been involved in more team and client meetings, and as a self-proclaimed introvert, I’ve been surprised to discover that I prefer video calls to faceless phone meetings. I like to see the reactions (though I have a terrible poker face myself), and I appreciate being able to avoid talking over someone as so often happens on conference calls.

This process of discovering what works best, how people learn, and what I can do to communicate more clearly has been evolving – thanks in part to getting more experience on my resume, but also to the clients that I have the privilege to work with and learn from. And now it’s your turn to hear from them!

We have some amazing FREE webinars coming up this autumn, and I am so excited to share three of them with you today…

September Webinars – 100% FREE to attend!

FakeTalk_Webinar_Share (2)SPEAKER: John R. Stoker, author of Overcoming Fake Talk

WEBINAR: September 11 @ 12 pm (ET) (SIGN UP)

TOPIC: John Stoker built on his 20 years of training experience to write Overcoming Fake Talk, helping those who read it master the nuances and skills for holding REAL conversations for results. In celebration of his September 8 – 12 Book Buzz Week, you’re invited to join John as he shares principles and ideas found in Overcoming Fake Talk, and what it means to have a R.E.A.L. conversation.


AWGS_webinar_squareSPEAKERS: Mark Babbitt and Ted Coiné, co-authors of A World Gone Social

WEBINAR: September 19 @ 12 pm (ET) (SIGN UP)

TOPIC: 5 Keys to Success in the Social Age. Mark and Ted will spend an hour sharing how many brands are still getting social wrong, and how your organization can avoid (or get out of) that trap. They’ll cover the idea of why size really matters, and how to reach within your organization to identify your brand champions and internal advocates. Discover the “Power of OPEN”, as well as how to become the MVP on any Social Age team – The Social Leader.

SPEAKERS: Ken Blanchard & Mark Miller, co-authors of The Secret: 10th Anniversary Edition

WEBINAR: September 29 @ 2 pm (ET) (SIGN UP)

SUMMARY: When Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller collaborated on The Secret, it was based on simple insights that had the potential to make a major impact. Listen in as Ken and Mark join Becky Robinson for an hour long webinar. Discover what inspired them to write The Secret, and how the principles they shared ten years ago are still relevant today.

One hour, no cost, Q & A opportunities – come join us!

If you’re looking for ways to continue your education, come to our Weaving Influence FREE Webinars and learn from these amazing “professors”, experts in their fields, and worth spending your lunch hour with. Hope to see you there!