Words matter. We all know that. And hopefully, we’re all striving to make a positive impact with our own words — whether through writing books or articles, speaking and coaching, and even posting on social media. What we say to others can have a huge impact: words can stay with a person for the rest of their life.

We could probably talk for days about specific ways to use our words for good and how to overcome the bad messages we hear. But what if we shifted focus for a month and aimed to share words in a much, much simpler way?

What if sharing just two little words could completely change someone’s life? tweet this

That’s what Cheryl Rice — speaker, coach, and author of the inspiring memoir Where Have I Been All My Life? — wondered after a colleague handed her a simple card last year with just two words on it:

You Matter.

It impressed her so profoundly that she immediately ordered her own set of cards, and started handing them out to friends, coworkers, neighbors, even total strangers. The result? In her own words: “The impact has been magical.”

Now she wants to spread the magic even further, by sparking a “You Matter Marathon” during the month of November.

So what is the #YouMatter Marathon?


The goal of the You Matter Marathon is to create and enrich positive connections between people and within communities by sharing 10,000 You Matter cards during November.

What better time to tell people how important they are, then during the season of gratitude? And better yet, this is something anyone can participate in, no matter what their role or job title!

For instance:

  • Parents wanting to add a meaningful gratitude ritual to their holiday gatherings.
  • Teachers eager to provide a unique and thoughtful Thanksgiving activity.
  • Community and religious groups interested in building connection among members.
  • Businesses looking to recognize and appreciate their employees and customers.
  • Anyone interested in lifting their own spirit!

“We’re living in a world where people crave connection, yet feel more isolated than ever. Every one of us is here for a reason. We are all essential. We need, and are needed by, each other.”  – Cheryl Rice

Join the #YouMatter Marathon – No Running Required.

Weaving Influence is excited to be participating in the You Matter Marathon, and we would love to see you join us. It’s such a simple way to make a difference, and yet it can have such a profound impact!

How can you be a part of this exciting movement? 

  • Learn more about the idea and how it first took root.
  • Watch the You Matter Marathon in action.
  • Order your own cards to hand out in November (they’re free !).
  • Click here to share a tweet about the You Matter Marathon.
  • Read Cheryl’s blog to discover her passion for sharing this message.

And remember, dear readers: You Matter.


Images used by permission from YouMatterMarathon.com.