My daughter Cami is a voracious reader. At any given time, I’ll walk around the house and find a half dozen or more books open, face down, holding her place.

She reads books and rereads them: library books, books borrowed from her teacher, and books from her own extensive collection.

This morning, she read me this quote from Joseph Campbell (found on the pages of a tween novel):

If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That’s why it’s your path.

The message resonated with me on several levels.

I’ve been thinking, lately, that this path I’m on is not linear — not at all. If you have been following me closely, you’ll know that I’ve done a bit of wandering lately. I wandered away from this blog  to a new business venture and back again.

Here is what I have been learning: Weaving Influence captures who I am and what I want to offer through my business.

I still love the idea of 12 Minute Media and the playbooks I’ve been creating; I will soon reopen and return to offering products through that brand.

12 Minute Media is a brand and products; Weaving Influence is my calling.

What is Weaving Influence? The current tagline works well for how Weaving Influence is expressed in my life. I want to find everyday ways to make a difference as I connect with, care about, and share what I know with others.

As a company, Weaving Influence is about helping people use social media to increase their influence online. I’m working on a new tagline, and new pages on this site will explain the services that the Weaving Influence team offers.

I can’t see the path laid out in front of me but my vision is clearer. I am finding my way, discovering my path. And I’ll share it with you as we travel together.

Tell me something! How has wandering brought you to where you truly belong? What are you discovering about your path?

photo credit tonythemisfit