Not long after I settled into my favorite chair this morning, an old friend started a conversation on Facebook.  New friends started conversations on Twitter.

My day crossed theirs in the weird hour that’s not night and not morning. As their Saturday night ended, my Sunday morning was beginning.

And we found a place to connect.

Real, authentic connections are powerful.

In order to make authentic connections, we need to be intentional.

We have to initiate connections, start conversations, ask questions, and be ready to listen well.

We will need to: send the first tweet or text message, open a chat window, send an email, write a letter,pick up the phone, drive across town to knock on a door, stop what we’re doing to spend time with the people we share space with daily.

When we initiate connection with others, we create something powerful and enduring.

In order to make authentic connections, we need to give to others.

We give our time, first.

We give our attention.

We give consideration, kindness, respect, encouragement, or praise.

We may give our expertise, our knowledge, our thoughts. We may give advice or direction.

We give admiration. We give love.

We give ourselves.

We give with no expectation of  receiving anything in return. We give for the sake of giving, for the joy it brings to others, and for the pleasure of connecting with others.

And, what I have found is this: when I give more, I have more.

I give encouragement, I give love, I give time, I give grace, I give hope, I give passion —and  it pours down on me, overflowing, faster than I can give it away, never depleted.

It’s an upside-down equation that never varies.

From these early morning hours, I carry a renewed commitment to initiate real interaction with others. I am refreshed by the gift of connection from my friends, old and new.

Tell me something! What refreshes you? What is your favorite way to connect with others? What can you give to others today?

About Becky Robinson

I am the owner of Weaving Influence and the leader of the Weaving Influence team. We help authors and thought leaders grow their online influence. I am also a wife and mom of three daughters, and I enjoy running, reading, writing, a good cup of coffee, and dark chocolate.

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What People Are Saying

  • Beautiful, Becky!

    It’s amazing to see where meaningful connections eventually lead, isn’t it?! And yet the beauty of connecting lies, as you say, in the simplicity: Reaching out first…asking nothing in return.

    I love how meaningful connections are driven, expanded and maximized by inspired ACTION.

    Thank You Becky for taking action on our meaningful connection in the pre-dawn hours this Sunday morning. I came online early to research an idea I woke up with – glad it led me here.

    You are a gifted Weaver of Influence!

    • Ann,

      Thank you for your encouragement.

      I woke up to write, with the idea of giving in mind but no clear direction for its expression.

      I am grateful for our new connection and look forward to interacting with you more in the days ahead.

  • Becky,

    Thanks for drawing my attention to this post this morning. I appreciate you and the way social media has expanded my network of friends. And yes, you and others are real friends. The lack of proximity doesn’t change the meaning of the word “friend.” As we take a simple moment of our life and share it with someone in another part of the world, we build friendships. Thanks for this post and for being my friend. I appreciate you.


    • Mike,

      We are definitely real friends and I appreciate the way you have given me your time, expertise, support, and kindness. I love the way you let 5 minutes turn into 55 just because you care.

      I hope that I gave you courage today to continue to give what you have to make a difference!


  • Dear Becky,

    This morning after a long night of writing I saw your lovely face in my stream. I have long admired your writings, your words, and your heart.

    We connected. We shared. This is the power of social media. This is the power of like minded people bumping into each other at dawn. The hour doesn’t matter. What matters is the connection.

    I look forward to bumping into each other more often. Because when we give we receive – when we receive we make a connection when we make a connection we understand and when we understand- there is a deep meeting of the heart.

    Love to you Becky and for all that you do.
    Lolly Daskal
    Lead From Within

    • Lolly,

      Thank you! I am honored by your kindness and I learn so much from you, every day.

      I look forward to connecting with you even more in the days ahead.

      I hope that you experience the abundance of all that returns to you when you give to others.
      Grateful for you!

  • Love this post Becky. This morning I joined a group of young mothers from Church following Mass for brunch at a local restaurant. I was tickled beyond all, that I was invited. My hubby and I are god parents to a couple of these little people and we typically sit with the kids and mom’s who have just been to
    Sunday school. I sat and listened, ( and you know I talked a lot also)and felt such joy to be a part of this intergenerational ( is that a word?) gathering. We had a brand new mom out for a brief time with out her new one. We had several mom’s with babies 6 mos or less who were with them. We had a couple of mom’s with toddlers. And there was me! Young women getting to know one another and looking for connections. The two who initiated this gathering wanted to find their own place in our shared spirituality. It all came together through Facebook. How fun! We can connect and we have many ways to do so. We just need to be aware,and then we can receive, and give back!

  • I was blessed with insatiable curiosity. How esle could I feed it except through connections.

    I’m thrilled at how technology has enlarged my network. I hope it never stops growing.

    And, I’m glad you came into it.

  • You are a giver indeed Becky, and my first real connection on twitter that led to real friendship. Great post and a thoughtful share indeed.

  • For as long as I’ve known you, this post has basicly been your life motto. You live it out every day, and in your living example it makes onlookers hungry for more authentic, intentional relationships. It is a blessing to be your friend.

    My favorite way to connect with other people is through prayer. When I join others in communicating with God, there is a unity of focus and purpose which comes through no other avenue.

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