How to Be Productive on a Snow Day

How to Be Productive on a Snow Day

Two of my daughters have a snow day today.

A snowy day with my baby (years ago!)

One is crossing her fingers that a two hour delay changes to a cancellation. Here we are: refresh, refresh, refreshing the page to see if the district decides to close.

Normally, my oldest daughter is out the door by now. Breakfast is done, lunches are packed, and my two younger daughters are impatient for their own departure to school.

Funny how these school loving kids, the ones for whom 7:20 can not come soon enough, rejoice with a day off.

As a business owner who works at home, a snow day means adjusting my day — and my expectations of my day — to a different-than-usual routine.

Plus for me: no school means no driving kids to school. I typically spend more than an hour each day in dropping off and picking up. Those two openings in my calendar mean more time to write, answer email, and move critical projects forward.

On the downside, there may be arguments to mediate. I may need to be an activity planner, a book reader, and a short-order chef.

The upside is much bigger though. I love having my girls home. They are old enough to be self-sufficient; they play well together. When they are home, I have extra hugs, and taking a break from meetings means more smiles in my day.

The house is pretty quiet when they’re not here. I like the noise and energy they bring to our home. I don’t mind the messes.

Since I am mom first, and my mom-ness trumps my role as a business owner, being productive on a snow day means doing what needs to be done, whether for my daughters or my business: approaching the day with flexibility and patience.

love snow days!

Tell me something! How do you stay productive on snow days?


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I am the owner of Weaving Influence and the leader of the Weaving Influence team. We help authors and thought leaders grow their online influence. I am also a wife and mom of three daughters, and I enjoy running, reading, writing, a good cup of coffee, and dark chocolate.

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  • Hi there, Becky,

    I’ve decided to take the opposite approach and declare a day of “unproductively” (non-productivity)?

    It’s simply too peaceful to sit and look at

    Enjoy the family out there!


    • Glad you’re resting. Your post-snow views are gorgeous! We didn’t get so much snow and today we are expecting rain (could wash it away.)

      Stay cozy!

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