Living With Hope

Living With Hope

Just saw the news that Elizabeth Edwards passed away today. I had composed this post earlier, inspired by this article that my friend Donna pointed me to in the Washington Post regarding Elizabeth Edwards and her outlook as she faced her final days in life.

Edwards  persevered, despite her grave illness and troubled marriage. May her life, one of hope and faithfulness to her family, be an inspiring example to us as we seek to live in a way that make a difference.

Check out the article, then come back here to share your thoughts.

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  • As a woman, wife, and mother I can’t imagine dealing with cancer in my own life, although I have seen those close to me battle this terrile disease. What amazes me more than anything about Elizabeth Edwards and her battle is that she did it in the public spotlight. I am sure there were many down times with all that she battled, but it appears as though she chose to keep those negative times private. I do not know where she gathered her strength and hope, I pray that it was from a relationhp with our Lord. I have wondered over the years how I would behave and react in a similar situation. I pray that I would be able to live with hope and attempting to live each day to the fullest to make a difference in this world. God Bless the Edwards children as they continue to find their way in the world filled with the hope their mother lived with.

    • Deb, thanks for being the very first commenter on this blog, and thanks for your thoughtful response. I agree with you; it is amazing how Edwards maintained such dignity in the midst of her circumstances. Difficult times surely give us a chance to show our true character.

  • And what if we all lived as if we were dying………..What would happen to interpersonal relationships, and how would our priorities change? If we beleve that the Lord could come back at any momemnt, would it change what we do on a daily basis……..Elizabeth Edwards was able to show a lot of courage in the face of many tragedies. I think probably losing her son was much more painful that losing her philandering husband. She was a woman, who when she was well, made many decisions that many of us may not have made. She chose to have children at age 48 and 50. Even under the best of circumstances she was an old Mom, and knew there was a chance she would not live to see her two youngest children reach adulthood……….It was her choice, her plan, her need to fill the hole in her heart left by her son’s death…..We know her public persona, her family is missing the real Elizabeth, her role as mother, sister and daughter…..May God bless the family during this difficult time of mourning, and may they have a healing as they remember her strength and courage.

    • Thanks for your comment, Mom. I think a lot of people are thinking and talking about Elizabeth Edwards. Her life definitely displayed extraordinary courage.

  • First off, I’m pretty geeked out to be cited on the first post here! Mazel tov on the pretty new blog – I can’t wait to see what all you do with it!

    What amazes most about Elizabeth is how good she was at doing what you identified once as turning the bad things into good. Faced with so many difficulties in her life – losing a child, cancer, a very public betrayal by her husband after she’d given up her own career to support his political ambitions – she wasn’t secretive about them, or self-pitying, or martyrish, but was open and always looking for ways to use her own experience in service to others. Last year she was testifying to Congress about her illness, grateful to have an opportunity to talk about the need for health care reform. I keep thinking about how she was able to do that, and about how much she taught us about working through whatever we’re feeling to find the grace even in the difficult things life brings us.

  • I have to say, although inspired by Mrs. Edwards’ courage and strength through difficulties, I was most saddened that she made no mention of faith in Christ and hope for a future resurrection. I suppose we can’t determine for sure that she was without this faith simply by her silence on the issue. But it seems her silence speaks volumes.

    • Rachel, thanks so much for coming by and sharing your thoughts! I look forward to your responses and contributions to the ideas shared here. It seems like such a long time since I have seen you but I hope you and your family are doing well!

  • An amazing woman and mother…I can only hope that her soul is now joyously reunited with Wade’s and they are watching over the children together.

    • Kara, well said! Thanks for commenting here. I hope you’ll join the conversation frequently!

  • Becky, I am not a religious person but I think I know spirit when I see it, and feel it. Elizabeth Edwards was a woman of great spirit. That alone makes me hopeful.
    Thank you for pointing me in her direction.

    • Gwyn, I appreciate you sharing on my very first post! People who have a great spirit always inspire others… Your spirit is always one that encourages me. In the time we have interacted on Twitter, you have faced difficult times… yet your optimism and care for others shines through! Thank you!

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