Today on SmartBlog on Leadership, I am writing about the role a leader can play in inspiring their team members to dream.

I hope you’ll click through and read the post.

In it, I quote Whitney Johnson, whose book is launching in just 5 days. She writes “If a dream feels right in both our heart and head, the dream becomes delicious.”

I really love that idea of delicious dreams.

In my post, I explore the idea that we can imagine our dreams with all five senses. I plan to write more about dreams leading up to Whitney’s book launch on Tuesday, but for now, this:

What do your dreams taste like?

Here’s my answer, then your turn:

My dream of taking my oldest daughter to New York City tastes like a slice of New York style pizza, chased by a sip of ice cold Coke. (I’ll take one from the fountain, on ice.)

photo credit kawanet

Your turn!

Tell me something! What does your dream taste like? (Post on your blog, if you like, and let me know in the comments.)