No quarantine will stop it, and there’s no vaccine to prevent it. Why would you want to?

No remedy, no cure. Your doctor won’t write a prescription because there’s no treatment for this condition.

Even if you could stop it, you wouldn’t want to.

Are you infected?

Diagnose yourself, because you’ll be the first to know you have it.

The symptoms may vary but the results are the same; if you have this condition, you can’t stop taking action, moving forward.

It’s a fever, it consumes you.

It moves you.

Are you infected?

It’s not a disease, not a virus, but it’s chronic, this desire: to lead, to serve, to make a difference, to bring about positive change in your world.

Even if you could stop it, you wouldn’t want to.

It’s contagious, so spread it.

Don’t stop until everyone has it.

Share what you know, give what you have, pass it around, live it out.

This was originally posted at Mountain State University LeaderTalk and is re-posted with permission.