I just finished a task that I put off doing all weekend. Longer than that, if I’m honest.

I estimated that it would take me about an hour to do it. Had I known it would take about half that time, would I have done it sooner?

I find multiple reasons to procrastinate. About work tasks, like the one I just finished, but about other tasks as well. The crazy part, is sometimes I procrastinate about things I REALLY WANT to do.

I procrastinate about doing things I know will make my life better, healthier. I procrastinate about things that will make my life happier.

We got some family pictures taken. Not last fall, but the fall of 2010. I had visions of large prints adorning the walls. Instead, I’m not sure where to find the disc with the photos so I can take them to get printed.

And those Christmas cards I ordered? The envelopes are stamped (not addressed), but I haven’t sent them. It’s really way too late, now, though. Right?

The clean laundry, on my bedroom floor, folded but not yet put away. How many times do I step over it? How long would it really take for me to put it all away?

I am curious about how to avoid the worry and stress that mounts whenever I procrastinate. I pour so much energy into trying to remember what I have to do, worrying that I am completing something later than planned, and creating plans in my head about when and how I can finish each task. It seems that it would be far more efficient to just do things as I think of them and save myself the time of worry later.

If only.

Somehow, I convince myself that procrastinating serves me. I’m waiting for the right time to get something done, the perfect moment.

Yesterday afternoon, my daughters and I discussed plans to visit a new park, take a picnic. It’s the kind of thing I often suggest and less often follow through on. And then, in addition to the energy spent procrastinating, I add energy spent in regret.

I think I’ll save myself all that energy and just follow through this time. Anyone want to join us for a picnic at the park on Friday? Maybe I can work on addressing Christmas cards while my girls play.