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A couple of weeks ago, my husband called me during the work day to ask if I’d be willing to dog-sit for a week. He knew the responsibility would (mainly) fall on me, since I’m the one home in the daytime.

The question surprised me; we’ve been united in our belief that our family is complete without a furry pet — without any pet.

It’s not that we don’t enjoy animals; before kids, we had Bronte. We adored Bronte, despite his penchant for swallowing socks and chewing up shoes. We loved him, even while vacuuming his hair off every surface in our home. Our feeling about dogs: at this stage in our lives, the costs outweigh the benefits.

I have more than enough to take care of with our three growing daughters, our home, a job, and a business on the side.

Except, I heard myself say yes to dog-sitting, because I knew how happy it would make our daughters, especially Natalie.

Natalie’s been asking for a pet for months. I predicted — correctly — how much she would enjoy having a dog for a week. What I didn’t expect was how quickly this dog would find his way into my lap (and my heart), melting my previous resolve that we. would. not. get. a. dog.

So, Newman’s been with us since Wednesday night. The girls are fighting over who gets to sleep with him. When the girls are at school, he sits faithfully by my desk while I work.

He’s loving and lovable, and I’m glad I said yes to a dog for a week.

I’m just sad we have to give him back.

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  • Hi Becky,

    What a fabulous photo. Looks like dog love to me.

    We have two dogs and yes they can be a pain to walk every day. When the whole family goes away on an adventure we do have to find a home for them.

    And they have become part of our family. Our dog Tammy just about turned herself inside out in excitement at seeing us after we returned from a recent trip. They cuddle with us. Play with us. Walk with us.

    Congratulations to your entire family for taking a carefully considered approach to getting a pet. Reading your post, I think there might be a dog in the Robinson family on a permanent basis before Christmas!



  • Such a sweet picture, Becky!!

    Indeed, dogs are work….especially when they’re puppies. The good news is that most of them are fast learners (especially when you are home to reinforce habits!)

    I can say that I love having our dog, Nati, by my feet when I’m working at home. She demonstrates loyalty and unconditional love every day, even when I haven’t been worthy of it.

    In the back of my mind, I always think that God sent us dogs as an example of how we should love. They are the most forgiving creatures with a desire to pour love on your (literally through slobbery kisses!!)

    Enjoy every second of this special time!!

  • Ah, pets.
    Specifically dogs.
    We have two: Midas and Twister.
    Midas is a yellow lab–my daughter’s dog, but he remains with us, now that she’s married.
    Twister is also my daughter’s (the other daughter LOL) and remains with us as she comes and goes.
    And Midas is getting old. Slow.
    Makes me sad.
    So we love on him.
    Help him up the stairs when he can’t quite make it.
    Worry a bit about that final visit to the vet. You know the one.
    But still, pets are worth it.
    They’re a chance to teach our children about loving something. Caring for something.
    And, yes, even saying goodbye.

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