In the first months of my marriage, I worked to perfect a homemade pizza crust. The first one turned out doughy. The second, overdone. The third, slightly better. Eventually, I found the right recipe and figured out both how to roll it out and what temperature worked best.

Now we enjoy homemade pizza every Friday night with a nearly perfect crust every time.

It takes time to get it right. Everything is always easier the second time around.

Firsts: fear of the unknown, discovery, new experiences, creating a system that works, questions, mistakes, uncertainty, solutions, joy: firsts.

Do you remember your first day of school? your first job? bringing home your first baby? buying your first home? your first supervisory experience? your first major speaking engagement?

It takes time to get it right. Everything is always easier the second time around.

I recently wrapped up my first semester teaching online in Mountain State University’s Bachelor of Science/Organizational Leadership program.

I talked on the phone with a more seasoned instructor, one who has been teaching in the program for many years. She told me about some wisdom someone shared with her after her first semester in the classroom. Her mentor at the time told her that it would take as long as FIVE years for her to develop her teaching style and to feel at ease in her new role.

I am glad to have moved past this first semester teaching, which was great, but in many ways all that you would expect from a “first.” Although I am not currently teaching, I look forward to the next opportunity.

Seconds: making improvements, creating a better system, discovery, questions, uncertainty, solutions, mistakes, joy: seconds.

As we lead ourselves  – and others  – it is important to remember that the first time is always the most challenging. 

It takes time to get it right. Everything is always easier the second time around.

Join the conversation!

What significant firsts do you remember?

What can you do to encourage others who are experiencing significant “firsts” in their lives or careers?

This was originally posted at Mountain State University LeaderTalk and is reposted with permission. 

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  • Just about every job I’ve ever had, going back to high school, has had something go wrong on the first day. It was easy to get discouraged, felt like quitting. Pushing through to the second day was essential. Day two was infinitely better.

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