My office window is open to the dark morning. All I see is black; I feel cool air drifting in — just enough so that I am comfortable, not enough to send me searching for a sweatshirt. Over the next hour or so, a line of light will appear to illuminate the trees and the view. For now, it is dark, and calm, and I am thankful.

This week I am thankful for (continuing my list):

5.. My husband’s willingness to brainstorm with me. You may not know that my husband named this website. At the beginning, Weaving Influence named this blog, now it names my business. While brainstorming together one evening, he suggested the name and I loved it immediately. (It’s perfect, dontcha think?) Last night, he indulged me again, searching for the right name for a client’s business.

6. Really great opportunities/great referrals. This week I had some super conversations with some gifted people who want to make a bigger impact online. I am thankful to friends like Jesse Lyn Stoner, Todd Nielsen, Chris Young, and Whitney Johnson, who continually refer some amazing people to me and the Weaving Influence team.

7. The chance to call a teacher by her first name. When we moved here nearly 3 years ago and transitioned our oldest from home school to a charter school, I liked her first teachers immediately and they helped ease my anxiety about making the switch. One of them recently resigned — sad for the school, exciting for her. I am grateful that she’s becoming a friend, evidenced by the fact that I am comfortable calling her by her first name. (Thank you, Allison!)

8. @bretwortman. Each week, I want to include at least one Twitter friend in this list, and this week I am grateful for Bret Wortman. I’m not really sure how I met Bret, but his tweets encourage me. His regular interaction is refreshing. He writes helpful and thought-provoking blog posts on topics that range from passwords to servant leadership. And he’s helped me get a handle on my email.

9. My crack team. The Weaving Influence team has had a busy week, and I love the way we pull together to get great work accomplished. (Some history to why I am calling them my “crack” team — a friend once used the phrase to describe me, and it tickled me. I’m passing along the fun.) Incidentally, my team could be on this list every week. Each one is a gift to me; each is talented and hard working. Go team!

10. Dark chocolate covered pomegranates. I need to go to Sam’s Club to pick up another bag, since I polished off the end of a bag during a meeting yesterday morning. These are the perfect accompaniment to my 2nd cup of coffee mid morning. And they’re healthy, right?

Tell me something! What is your favorite mid morning snack? Who is making you smile this week? What are you thankful for this morning?