I have a growing stack of books on my desk from clients (how cool is that?) Though I try to tidy up my desk a bit each morning, it’s a little messy right now.

If you look closely, you might notice that I have two copies of Julie Winkle Giulioni and Beverly Kaye’s new title, Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go (launching next week). Yup, I’m plugging a really great book, and not for the last time either.

This morning, I am thankful for:

24. My messy desk. It’s evidence that work happens here; life happens here. Its collection of random items, like a tiny Winnie the Pooh board book and two of my daughter’s glittery tubes of lip gloss, is evidence that my daughters are welcome here.

25. All those books. As a girl, I loved the library and bringing home stacks of books. Still a voracious reader, I can’t imagine a career better than one in which people send me (often signed) books for free.

26. Business Growth. We added a couple of great new clients this week and I am thankful for the growth of my company.

27. Team Growth. I am thankful for the growth I see in the individual members of our team. One team member participated in her first solo consulting call (and did a wonderful job); another team member is moving into a place of opening the doors of possibility for others. One team member is making the tough choice to move on, and that represents tremendous growth for her. I am grateful for growth in confidence, growth in competence, and relational growth.

28. New ways of working. The headset on my desk reminds me of new tools for my team. We’re now using GoToMeeting for our team meetings and training and for the first time had reliable video conferencing after technical issues with other platforms. We may not have all been in the same room, but we enjoyed being able to add the visual element to our meeting, with lots of laughs.

29. Face time. I now have a local client who I meet with in person regularly. Up until now, I haven’t worked with local clients much; we have clients from coast to coast and overseas and I do most of my work from this messy desk. I’m also making plans to travel (with one of my team members) to meet a client in person. I really like being with people in person and so I am thankful for these new opportunities.

30. A New Circle of Friends and Supporters. This week, my Dare, Dream, Do Teleclass with Whitney Johnson started. The participants are an amazing, diverse, thoughtful, smart, and supportive group and I can’t wait until next week’s class. I am thankful for the thoughts and ideas the session provoked in me, the actions they are taking, and the relationships we will develop.

Tell me something! Is your desk messy, too? What messes can you be thankful for today? What else are you thankful for this week?