Do you have an image of people working from home offices, wearing their pajamas all day?

I don’t usually meet that stereotype, but today I do. And can I tell you? It’s fun.

My daughters have a school holiday today and two of my three daughters are still wearing their pajamas, too. It’s 1:30 pm.

I am thankful for that!

I am also thankful for:

69. Clients as partners. I had an amazing conversation today with a client who is truly interested in my success, both with his project and in general. What a gift. I am beyond blessed with wonderful, collaborative relationships with all of our clients.

70. Painful lessons. I’ve had some painful lessons to learn lately. I realize that the only way to grow is through these hard times. And so I am thankful.

71. Dark chocolate surprises. My husband is really good at gifts. Earlier this week, he brought me some dark chocolate. Then another night, he brought home my favorite ice cream.

72. Books. I am really enjoying Chris Brogan and Julien Smith’s new book, The Impact Equation, and I am excited to dig into two titles by Karen Martin, including The Outstanding Organization, which arrived in the mail yesterday. I also just received 1o copies of the Lead Change Group book, The Character-Based Leader yesterday. Would you like a copy of The Character-Based Leader? If so, be the first to comment here requesting a copy, and I’ll send one along.

73. Running. I missed a month or more of running, with a thousand excuses of why I was too busy to run. But I am really much happier, more energetic, more settled, more creative, and generally a better person when I run. A few days ago, a friend dared me to start again, even if only one mile a day. I’ve run twice and plan to run again as soon as I publish this post. After that, I’ll take a shower, and finally get dressed for the day.

Tell me something! What are you thankful for today? Do you ever work in your pajamas?