It’s really dark in the morning these days. I can’t see anything in my office window now except a reflection of what’s inside.

Still, I am thankful. For the fact that every day is new (56), for the beautiful fall leaves that will be outside my window when the sun rises (57), and for the electricity powering my cozy space heater, lights, and computer (58.)

I am also thankful for:

59. Room to be creative. When Molly and I spent time in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago, I loved seeing the creative office spaces at the Chick-Fil-A corporate offices. Many conference rooms had several wall sized white boards. Many offices had them. So yesterday, I rearranged my office to make space for a new white board.

60. Local team members and brainstorming. We now have half the Weaving Influence team in close driving distance of each other. We are still certainly a virtual team, but I enjoyed 2 (!) face to face meetings this week with team members.

61. Friends visiting from out of town. Lisa, one of my best friends from Chicago, is visiting today with her family. Can’t wait. Our daughters have all been best friends since birth.

Tell me something! What are you thankful for today?