It’s a busy morning at my house. The girls are starting to wake up and I’m getting a late start on my post. So, I’ll quickly share my thankful for list.

This week, I am thankful for:

51. Wise coaching and encouragement from friends. Susan Mazza has been a valuable coach to my team and me, helping us figure out business systems and models. She patiently listens and quickly understands what we need to move ahead. Thank you, Susan!

52. Sunshine. We have frost-covered grass in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon. I am thankful for the warmth of the sunshine.

53. A new way to order a mocha. My friend and client, Mark Miller, drinks his mocha with soy milk and two pumps of chocolate (instead of 5). It’s really subtle, creamy, and delicious, and I drank one yesterday. Yum!

54. More energy after a rough day. I didn’t feel well on Wednesday and I fell asleep at 8 pm. It was bad, folks. I woke up yesterday still feeling not-so-great. By the afternoon, I felt much, much better, and I didn’t need to cancel any meetings or plans.

55. Three happy/healthy girls. Every day, I am thankful for my wonderful daughters. They’re the best, and they could be on this list every week.

Tell me something! What are you thankful for this week?