I started the year with a blog post and published my share of blog posts throughout the year. It seems fitting that I should write again before the year comes to a close.

I already wrote a wrap-up of 2013 — it’s been a great year.

And I already have a foot into 2014: thinking, planning, and preparing. I don’t have formal resolutions but I do have some intentions (personal and professional) set for the new year.

I’m curious about this new year and how my life and business will shift, grow, and change this year. Especially in the 4th quarter of 2013, I’ve had a new role in my business, more managing of others than doing direct work myself. It’s a natural shift and needed. And. I want to find time to do the work I love, so I am trying to figure out which work I most enjoy so I can find time to do it. 

I’m also wondering about how I can move closer to two dreams in 2014: writing a book and running a marathon.

After finishing a half-marathon in November, my dream of running a full marathon re-ignited. Once, I had a goal to run a marathon before age 30, which I revised to age 40 (half-heartedly) when my marathon training at age 29 ended with a surprise (and welcomed!) pregnancy. I missed the deadline for a marathon by 40. I’m not sure yet if 2014 is my marathon year, but I do intend to be more consistent with running this year.

It seems a bit overly ambitious to embark on a book project and a marathon training program at the same time, on top of my already ambitious plans for the business and commitment to my husband and family.


But I’m considering it, with the marathon a more likely possibility than the book. 2015 is the year of the book, since even if I sent and had a book proposal accepted early this year, I’d be looking at publication in 2015.

There you go: marathon in 2014 (I’ve got my shoes and I’m ready to go!) and book in 2015.

I’m bold enough to say it. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Tell me something! What dreams do you plan to move toward in 2014? How are you planning and preparing?