Do you ever think about quitting?

I do, although I hate to admit it here.

Pushed to the limit, stretched beyond comfort, I consider what my life might be life if I chose an easier path. What if I changed course? What if I scaled back? What if I quit? What then?

During the 26 miles of my marathon earlier this year, I did not think of quitting. Focused on the goal, I kept running, all the way to the finish line.

When there is no clear finish line, staying the course can be more challenging.

I ran a 10K Saturday. Cold air rushed into my lungs with every breath and my fingers tingled, numb, through the first two miles.

Yet I knew that within the hour, I’d complete the run, kicking triumphantly across the finish line. I felt no need to walk, no need to stop. My goal stayed in clear focus in my mind: keep running.

Frank Sonnenberg’s new book, Follow Your Conscience: Make a Difference in Your Life and in the Lives of Others shares this wisdom about quitting:

“While determination builds character, quitting is habit forming. When quitting becomes routine, you won’t even think twice about giving up next time. On the other hand, when you overcome even an insignificant challenge , you’ll gain the strength and motivation to confront your next challenge with confidence.”

I want to be a person of determination and persistence. I want to be a person who keeps going.

The only way to become a person who doesn’t quit is to not quit.

Whether I am running, or growing my business, or working on a project at home, every challenge is an opportunity to build confidence and banish the “Q” word from my vocabulary,

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