It has been an exciting few months for the Web Team at Weaving Influence. From sparkles and innovative service, to Millennials and Sawubona, to great questions and meaningful conversations, the websites are as different as the business leaders that we had the privilege to work with.

We are pleased to share with you our three latest sites:,,


Dr. Chip R. Bell is a customer service keynote speaker and world-renowned authority on customer loyalty and service innovation. His highly popular keynotes reveal the best practices from the successful organizations leading the customer loyalty charge, giving audiences powerful cutting-edge ideas and unique strategies they can put into practice the minute they leave. For four of the last five years, Global Gurus ranked him in the top three best speakers in the world on customer service–two years in the top slot.

Dr. Bell has authored numerous national best-selling books, appeared live on many nationally know channels, and written more than 700 columns for many business journals, magazines, and top blogs. In addition, his training programs have won numerous awards. He is a speaker that meeting planners call awe-inspiring!


This is a website that truly sparkles and beautifully showcases Chip Bell’s unique approach to customer service, creating those unexpected, simple but inventive ways to take a customers’ breath away! This bold website provides the tools, tips and techniques for leading and delivering innovative service that sparkles.

  • Explore the blog for weekly wisdom on innovative service.
  • Learn more about Chip’s profoundly remarkable speaking engagements that actually inspire and instruct the audience.
  • Browse numerous award winning and bestselling books.


Susan’s proven track record in transformational change over the past two decades has positively impacted the personal experience and bottom-line results for leaders of over 600 companies in forty industries. She is a recognized expert in working with millennials; and she has helped executives and managers increase levels of creativity and productivity by understanding and knowing how to engage and motivate this generation of unique talents.

Susan is deeply commitmented to community, and has raised funds and actively supports the work of many not-for-profit organizations. Her congressperson presented Susan with the Congressional Award for her outstanding participation and contribution to the community and her unselfish and untiring devotion for a better society. Coaching is the ultimate expression of Susan’s purpose in life. This passion for her work brings an integrity that helps unite communities and make the world a better place.


In a fast-paced world, where what’s new today is outdated tomorrow, companies stay ahead of the curve not by being on the cutting edge but by redefining the edge. Great leaders know they can’t do it alone. This website encourages leaders to discover the talents of a new generation of employees on a journey to solve the challenges of the twenty-first century.

  • Explore Sawubona Leadership and Susan’s simple yet profoundly impactful way of engaging others.
  • Inspire and motivate your group with the tools, strategies, and practices found here.
  • Learn more about Susan Inouye’s new book, Leadership’s Perfect Storm.


Bob Tiede is passionate about helping leaders shift their paradigm from the pressure of having to have all the right answers to simply having a few of the right questions. He has been on the staff of Cru for 47 years, and currently serves on the U.S. Leadership Development Team.

The ideas in Leading With Questions, by Michael Marquart, changed forever how he looked at leadership, and provided the vision for this website.


On Leading With Questions, you are invited to join the growing league of leaders who are shifting their focus from having all the answers to asking the right questions.

  • The blog is a collection of wisdom from leaders around the globe.
  • Enjoy a selection of podcasts & interviews that will help you take your leadership journey to the next level.
  • Increase your leadership effectiveness with these resources.

A website is only a small glimpse into the lives of these amazing and inspiring business leaders. We encourage you to continue exploring these sites and the unique approaches that each of these individuals has taken to leading in the ever-changing world.

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