By the time you read this blog post, I hope to be celebrating the successful completion of the IMT Des Moines Half Marathon with my friend Angie Chaplin, in support of Team Thomas.

But there’s another reason to celebrate. This is the 100th blog post for LeaderTalk. Both accomplishments have required hard work and have stretched me to the limit at times.

Here are a few are a few lessons from the journey.

A Strong Team is Essential.

In developing LeaderTalk beginning in April 2009, I have been supported in countless ways by the team at Mountain State University. Both the faculty members of the School of Leadership and Professional Development, and the writers and other creative staff in MSU’s marketing department have contributed to this blog’s success. Even though I live 500 miles away from the campus in Beckley, we work so closely together that I feel like my office is just down the hall.

The leadership blogging community has also welcomed me and LeaderTalk warmly. It started with Dan McCarthy, who gave us LeaderTalk’s first big break into the leadership blogging world, and spread to Steve Roesler and Mary Jo Asmus who also graciously gave me the opportunity to guest post on their sites. The list of others who have given help and encouragement along the way with retweets, phone conversations, and emails, is long: Art PettyTanmay Vora, Mike Henry Sr., Wally Bock, Paul McConaughy, Erin Schreyer, Jennifer V. Miller, and more. I am so blessed to be part of such a strong leadership community.

I have a strong team encouraging me with running, too, including my husband, who joins me on long runs when he can, and Angie Chaplin, Lisa Rosendahl, and Sam Newton who encourage me and cheer me on via Twitter.

Discipline is critical.

Typically, we post at LeaderTalk three times per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. There is both a rhythm and routine to regular writing. The same is true for running. In training for the half marathon, I have included three runs each week in my schedule. But none of it would get done without self discipline.

Each day brings unexpected joys and surprises.

One of the best surprises for LeaderTalk so far came when we were included in a list of Best Leadership Blogs 2009 contest. After only a few months on the scene, we were pleased and encouraged by all the support and encouragement from our readers. The contest gave LeaderTalk much-needed exposure and increased our reader base.

One of my joys in running is the incredible stream of creative thoughts that  overflows whenever I turn on my treadmill. I do some of my best thinking in our basement workout room during runs.

This is just the beginning — and I have a long way to go.

Today was not my first road race, and it won’t be my last. For me, part of living a healthy lifestyle is running, and nothing motivates me more to stay focused with my training than signing up for a road race.

After only six months and now 100 blog posts, the LeaderTalk blog is on its way as well, but there is no finish line in this journey. The conversation we are creating here is just starting. As we continue to provide helpful, interesting, and regular content here, we hope to expand our influence even further with more readers and subscribers every week.

To help me celebrate today, please leave a comment. Tell me how you found LeaderTalk, or tell me the post you’ve read here that you enjoyed most. Share about a topic you’d like to see during the next 100 posts or introduce yourself to our readers. Help me reach the goal of 100 unique commenters on my 100th post.

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This was originally posted at Mountain State University LeaderTalk and is re-posted with permission.