In a recent post, I told you that I am making some major changes in my professional life. This is as good a time as any to let you know that I have resigned from my work at the university. My last post on the other blog is on December 22nd, less than a week from now.

I wrote the words below, initially, to fit this month’s theme at that blog. Later, I decided that I wanted these words to be here, since this is where I live now. I hope they encourage you. This is where I want to be: with my face to the future and all that awaits. I hope you’re with me.

Sometimes we get really comfortable with the way things are.

Even if things are not all that we would want them to be, we get attached to sameness, routine, and consistency. Within organizations, some of us really want to maintain the status quo.

Inevitably, those of us who like things the way they are get upset when things change. When this happens, we wish for the way things were. We do this even when the way things were wasn’t even that great.

We idealize the best parts of the past, and minimize the worst parts.

We can’t see the good in front of us— the future— because our faces are turned back, toward the past.

As a result, we get depressed. Or angry. We cry, or we rant.

Is this you?


The only way to stay positive in the midst of change is to look ahead, not back.

The future, one of unlimited possibilities and potential, is waiting for you.

Go for it!

Tell me something! How do you stay focused on the future?