Claire Shipman and Katty Kay’s lunchtime keynote at the Indiana Governor’s Conference for women sparked fantastic social sharing. For me, it was one of the highlights of this year’s event. Claire and Katty are the authors of The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance — What Women Should Know.

The topic resonated well with the audience; women feel and experience the gap. We want to be more confident than we are!

The two presented flawlessly, taking turns sharing their ideas with ease, back and forth with no awkwardness, like a game of ping pong with no dropped balls.

Here are a few tweetable ideas from their talk. I dare you to share them!

Confidence matters to your success. @ClaireShipman #INGC14 Click to tweet now!

If you are aiming to be perfect, you will never be confident. @KattyKayBBC #INGC14 Click to tweet now!

Having slightly more confidence than competence increases the likelihood that you will act. @ClaireShipman #INGC14 Click to tweet now!

Recognizing your accomplishments in a real way will make a big difference for younger women. @ClaireShipman #INGC14 Click to tweet now!

When we are eager to be shy and humble about our accomplishments, we lose confidence in our abilities. @ClaireShipman #INGC14 Click to tweet now!

Self-compassion = treating yourself as you would treat a friend. @KattyKayBBC #INGC14 Click to tweet now!

Use nerves as a fuel for action. @ClaireShipman #INGC14 Click to tweet now!

Confidence does not have to be cookie-cutter. it can come from your core. @ClaireShipman #INGC14 Click to tweet now!

If you take a risk and do something hard, doing hard things becomes easier. @KattyKayBBC #INGC14 Click to tweet now!

By taking action, we create confidence. We feel confidence based on what we’ve done.@ClaireShipman Click to tweet now!

Confidence should work as a barometer in our lives, helping guide our decisions . @ClaireShipman #INGC14 Click to tweet now!

We have control over our confidence. We change change our brains and rewire to be more confident. @ClaireShipman #INGC14 Click to tweet now!

Confidence is essentially a kind of energy that allows us to move forward wholeheartedly without holding back.@ClaireShipman #INGC14 Click to tweet now!

Women routinely underestimate their abilities. @KattyKayBBC #INGC14 Click to tweet now!

Confidence matters more than competence in many cases. @ClaireShipman #INGC14 Click to tweet now!

The pursuit of perfection is a confidence killer. @KattyKayBBC #INGC14 Click to tweet now!

People fail. They have setbacks. It is not all about you. @KattyKayBBC #INGC14 Click to tweet now!

Small steps can build confidence. @KattyKayBBC #INGC14 Click to tweet now!

Act more, think less, and be authentic. Confidence advice for women. @KattyKayBBC #INGC14 Click to tweet now!

Life, on confidence, is an extraordinary and powerful thing. @KattyKayBBC #INGC14 Click to tweet now!

Which of these resonates most with you? Learn more from Katty Kay and Claire Shipman on their website or buy their book!