Two Proposals

Two Proposals

It’s bedtime. The girls are asking for a story.

My repertoire of stories is limited. I’ve told them all lots of times, they want new ones, and I can’t think of any.

Tell us a story about you and Daddy, they say.

Okay, I say: Have I told you about how Daddy asked me to marry him twice?

Tell us! they say, and I lean back against the white rails of the bottom bunk and tell the stories.

Oxford, Ohio. 1991.

The end of my sophomore year in college. I’m with a group of friends uptown on a Saturday evening. My boyfriend at the time, I’m not sure where he is.

It might be finals week. He might be studying. I don’t remember.

There are four of us around the table, eating frozen yogurt from Styrofoam cups with long plastic spoons. Mine’s chocolate.

The lone male in the group takes off a ring from his right hand. It’s shaped like a wedding band but it has a colorful design. He bought the ring last summer while traveling in Turkey. He and his friend Vince each bought a ring to show their commitment to return to Turkey someday.

He holds up the ring, places it on the table; he asks: “Who wants to marry me and go to Turkey?”

I forget about my boyfriend for a moment (where is he? I can’t remember.) and I pick up the ring without hesitating. I slide it on my finger. I hold out my hand to admire the ring.

“I’ll marry you and go to Turkey,” I say.

I smile. Then I hand the ring back across the table. But I’m still thinking about the proposal.

I’m entranced by the possibility of going to Turkey and I’m intrigued by the guy across the table.

Kansas City, Missouri, August 1992.

I’ve just returned from a summer in Turkey. My face is tan and freckled from days in the sun and my hair is red from henna. I am in  my parents’ kitchen with…

With Daddy, right?

Yes, with Daddy. But he’s not your Daddy yet.

I made him some peach cobbler. I serve him some cobbler and  I sit down beside him. He grabs my hand.

I look down, close my eyes, thinking we’re going to pray.

I feel him press something sharp into my palm. “What are you doing?” I say.

I look at him and he asks, “Will you marry me?” Then I let him slide the ring on my finger.

“Of course, I’ll marry you,” I say. And then we kiss. For the very first time.

(I embellish this part for the girls, while they’re still young. I’m not ready for them to like boys or think about kissing. I’d like them to believe, for as long as possible, that kissing is what married people do. Or engaged people. Or whatever.

I also know, as I write it, that it will seem strange to you. I know it’s unusual that we waited to kiss until our engagement. But we did, and it’s part of the story.)

So, we kiss. And then, overcome by nerves or emotions, I run to the bathroom: heaving, sick. (Not a pretty part of the story, but also true.)

Today, here

We celebrate 18 years of marriage. I said yes to two proposals and I am still saying yes, every day.

Yes: to the intriguing guy across the table.

Yes: to love. Yes: to this life we are sharing. Yes: to whatever the future holds.

Tell me something! Share your proposal story. Or wish me a happy anniversary. Or tell me what you are saying yes to today.

Today is also my friend Sharlyn Lauby’s wedding anniversary. Hop over to her blog, The HR Bartender, where she is hosting the Leadership Development Carnival. The Leadership Development Carnival is a great place to find excellent posts to help you grow as a leader. Today, she features 45 blog posts, all gifts to help you learn and grow. Don’t miss them.

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About Becky Robinson

I am the owner of Weaving Influence and the leader of the Weaving Influence team. We help authors and thought leaders grow their online influence. I am also a wife and mom of three daughters, and I enjoy running, reading, writing, a good cup of coffee, and dark chocolate.

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  • Great story! and Happy Anniversary! I think it’s wonderful to share with your children your “couple” memories–they will eventually want to share them with their children.
    I have been “saying yes” to my guy now for 36 years this May. “Yes to love” and yes to our life together. I think you’ve inspired me to celebrate all over again today! Thanks.

  • I’m a guy so I don’t really remember proposing… it didn’t require as much pomp and circumstance as it does now. I think maybe we just started talking about the date one day and that was it.

    What I do know is from that day until today I have lived every day overwhelmed by the fact that she chose me. Out of all the people she could have married – she chose me!

    Forty two (going on 43) years later I still wake up every day amazed and thankful that she chose me!

  • Happy Anniversary Becky and Eric! I’ve known you for much of these 18 years that you have shared together, but never heard this story before. What a wonderful legacy you have to share with your girls.
    Rich and I will be celebrating 29 years of marriage in July. I am so amazed that the Lord would bless me with a man who loves and honors me everyday and in everyway. It didn’t start with a big, exciting proposal but rather a simple question during a commercial break of a sitcom while we were in college; “Will you marry me?” “Of course!” There was no ring (no money!) or big announcement, but there was major commitment.
    I too am saying Yes each and every day!

  • I LOVE this story, Becky!!! What a great anniversary gift you have given to all of us!! Thank you for that. And Happy Anniversary to you!!

  • Here is my proposal story:

    Glenn & Rosie
    February 10, 2007 (wedding date)

    This is all Sue’s fault!!
    The story of how we met

    It’s really rather simple. Glenn worked with Sue Laing. Sue became Glenn’s “Las Vegas Mom”. Sue stopped working with Glenn and started working with me. Sue and I became friends. Sue says to Glenn “I have the perfect woman for you”. Now I don’t know about this part but I think that Sue had invented a computer issue that Glenn had to come by the office where we worked to look at it. I think it was Sue’s sneaky way to get Glenn and I to meet. I knew nothing of this man before that day. I just remember one day this really tall, goofy looking guy comes walking in the door to see Sue. Sorry no fireworks, no love at first sight, just a really tall guy (he’s 6’7″). Then fate stepped in…my computer stopped working. “Hey Sue, what’s that guy’s name who fixes your computer? Can I get his number?” He helped me over the phone and then we just started talking. I remember he was making hot dogs and that was the night that my son Spencer managed to break my favorite Star Trek collectors plate (yes I have those and yes I’ve been to a convention!), Jean Luc Picard standing there with the Enterprise behind him….I still have it in pieces. Well that sparked more conversation as that we are both fans of TNG (The Next Generation). That was about 5 or 6 years prior to wedding date. Friendship blossomed, which blossomed more and more and more. Then one day we realized that hey we are perfect for each other.

    The Proposal: Ah yes…a day I’ll never forget! 02/09/06. Two’s and nine’s are numbers that seem to repeat in Glenn’s life. 209 is the address to his parent’s home in New Jersey. Glenn’s birthday is in February (02), and Karin’s birthday (his sister) is in September (09). My birthday is 09/20. So Glenn decides to propose on 02/09/06. I didn’t suspect a thing….which knowing Glenn’s fascination with 209 I don’t know why I didn’t pick up on it. Duhhhhh. Glenn came over to my house, he put the twins to bed. I was writing a script for my friend MarQue’s album release concert, the premise of the album (yes I’m dating myself I said ALBUM not CD, MP3 or Itune) is about a woman finding her relationship with God first and then finding her mate here on earth, her Partner In Life (title of album!). The scene I was working on at the moment Glenn interrupted me was the Engagement Scene! He piled up on the dining room table in a nice little pyramid 6 large bars of chocolate. He sat me down and asked, “What would you do for this pile of chocolate?” I look at him annoyed “What are you talking about?” He repeats, “What would you do for this pile of chocolate?” Me: “Why? Who do I have to kill?” Him: “No death or dismemberment involved. To get this pile of chocolate what are you willing to do?” By now I’m in no mood…”What are you asking me?” He says: “In order for you to accept this chocolate, you have to accept this and all that comes with it….” He then proceeds to pull out the ring and place it on the pyramid of chocolate. After lots of “Oh my!”, my next question was (with a smile, of course) “I just can’t have the chocolate?” Now for those that do not know me…I am an EXTREME chocoholic. This would be why he used chocolate, he was stacking the odds in his favor that I would say yes. His answer: “No” then the “Will you marry me?” question.

    Glenn couldn’t believe I didn’t figure out by the date that he was going to propose; I said “Wait a minute…” got up looked at the clock; the time that he actually proposed was 9:20 PM. So there goes the 2’s and the 9’s again!

    Now my oldest son Dominic was still awake and we go into the living room and tell him the news. I told him about the six bars of chocolate and Dominic looks at Glenn and says, “Why weren’t there 10 bars of chocolate?” That’s my boy, lookin’ out for his mama!

    • Thanks for sharing your story, Rosie. I wish you many many years of happiness ahead. 🙂

  • Happy Anniversary. Thank you for the lovely story. Now I want to hear more about the trip to Turkey too!

    Karalee and I will celebrate 29 years on April 24th. I proposed to her in Banff, Alberta after she had driven through a snow storm through the Rocky Mountains. The fear of losing her is still palatable to me today. Shortly after she arrived safely, but late in Banff, I proposed to her. She said yes.

    We just said goodbye to each other for a few moments ago after sharing breakfast while on vacation in Mexico. We shared a kiss before separating. Confident that we are together, even when we are apart. Looking forward to the next kiss.

  • I’m sure your children loved your story – it brightened my day, too. Wishing you a happy anniversary and hope you have fun celebrating.

  • A lovely story, Becky. Thank you for making my Sunday. (Love stories are my favourite kind).
    Happy anniversary to you both!

  • You definitely have a gift for sharing a story…thanks for sharing those special moments….It definitely made my heart lighter!

  • Beautiful, Becky. Simply beautiful. Happy anniversary to you both and many, many beautiful memories to come for you and your family!

  • Reading that makes me wish every child in my class had the same ‘love’ story at home! What a difference that would make! ‘Mr. Roderick’ tried to propose to me twice. Both times it rained out his plan to take me up in his small airplane to ask me. Thinking about your nerves after the proposal, maybe its a good thing he got down on the knee instead! Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Robinson! Your story will last longer in those girls’ hearts & minds than you think. 🙂

    • Mrs. Roderick,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and for your warm wishes for our anniversary. Our family is not perfect by anyone’s definition… but we do have lots of love here. I’m thankful for God’s grace that allows us to keep our family close.


  • What a wonderful story. You are such an amazing writer Becky. Happy Anniversary.

  • What a lovely and moving story, Becky. I love, and admire, the way you wrote it – so simple, so meaningful, with love infused in every word. Your daughters and husband must be proud (and intrigued!).

  • Happy Anniversary Becky and Eric
    My dear hubby and I have been married since Oct 10, 1964! Our children are older than you. And – I proposed to him, or at least that’s what he always says. Loving one another is the best gift you can give each other and your precious girls. They deserve your time and they deserve to see that he deserves your time and focus. This story is wonderful to share with them, with each other telling it, and to “weave” into all that you two do with one another.
    Thanks for sharing this special story, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your

  • Awww, your story makes me cry (don’t I say that every time I comment on your blog?!) Something I said yes to… hmmmm, does saying Yes to Jeremy (the 9-year-old) wanting another brownie count? I think so, because of the twinkle in his eye and the smile that lights up the whole room. Or that I said Yes to Jake (the 11-year-old) for getting a “real” cell phone (not just a TracFone). These things might seem trivial, but to my kids, if I’m a hero in their eyes, that’s all that counts. Yes is such a simple word, but can achieve so many wonderful moments and milestones to cherish for a lifetime.


  • Beautiful story, beautifully told. Happy anniversary!

  • Becky, great story and very well written! Thanks for sharing!

  • I know it’s a couple of days late, but congratulations on 18 years. This was a wonderful story, and I’m so glad you are happy and walk so joyously into the future. You sound like you have a wonderful family. I wish you another wonderful 18 and more. 🙂

  • I like the way you put it, “Saying yes to love.” It sounds so simple and yet the courage that it takes two people to say “yes” in good times and bad, sickness and health, for better or for worse, ’til death do us part is tremendous. That’s love. Happy Anniversary!

  • What a unique proposal story! And I love that you guys waited to kiss. Some things (like that) need to be more treasured than they usually are these days. Thanks for sharing the link!

  • Congratulations on 20 years of marriage. Our’s was 35 this year, and I’m still saying yes, too.

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