Summer break begins.

As a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom, I find myself in desperate need of a schedule.  The wild ones are back and I need a plan.  Scheduling things always sounds like a great idea but ends up being a lot of work.  And sticking to the schedule can be downright infuriating.  But, I’m making the plan.

The plan is on paper

I hope that by giving them a set time when I’m working and time when I’m not, they will feel more relaxed. Mom will be sitting at the computer for around 3 hours a day, they will need to entertain themselves. Now, with the youngest being almost 5 and the oldest being 10 this should be possible.

I’ve drafted a schedule. It involves time for TV, Computer and reading but also time for chores and playing by themselves. They each receive a list of possible chores to be done for the week. Any chores that aren’t done by our free time on Friday will get done then. We’ve been working on chores for the last 6 months so they are used to this idea by now.

I have also found that certain necessary items have been hard to get done. Like baths. So, now Bath is a chore. We’ll see how that goes over.

I’m thankful to have my kids and I’m really thankful to be home with them. But, I am still a person and I find I will have a better time with a schedule and some time to work on my interests.

My superpowers are organization, scheduling and clear headedness. I am using them to guide my minions through the next 3 months.