We enjoyed a special family treat during the Super Bowl last night: a recipe my husband heard from a friend at work and then recreated for our family.

Peanut Butter Oreo Brownies 

First, spray a muffin tin and place an Oreo in the bottom of each cup.

Slather each Oreo with peanut butter (we used creamy).

Make brownie batter from a mix and fill each cup with the batter.

Bake, and serve.

The result: an amazing, delicious, peanut butter Oreo brownie.

My girls aren’t big football fans, but we let them stay up long enough to enjoy a few commercials and a few plays of the game. By far, the highlight for them was the Oreo brownies.

We celebrated with Oreos before Oreo trended on Twitter with a 3rd quarter tweet during the Super Bowl blackout.

We were cool before it was cool.

I’m a bit disappointed that we turned off the game after half-time and missed the blackout excitement, although I wasn’t tweeting during the game anyway. I have not yet (nor do I plan to) adopted the practice of tweeting while watching TV.

There is television, and there is Twitter, and watching TV or tweeting are two distinct activities. TV is for relaxing with my family, and adding a smartphone to my hand for tweeting is not appealing to me. At all. (My family wouldn’t like it either.)

I observe hashtags on the bottom of the TV screen with amusement and wonder… who tweets while watching TV? And can you really enjoy TV while tweeting?

The important lesson in all of this is Oreo and their smart social media team. If you missed it, you can read more at Fast Company and Business Insider.

Tell me something! How did you celebrate the Super Bowl? What is your favorite way to eat an Oreo? Do you tweet while watching TV?