What do you want to be known for? Have you ever wanted to be famous? Maybe not paparazzi famous, but have you ever dreamed of being remembered centuries after your death for your leadership, sacrifice, and service?

Most of us will never be worldwide, history book famous.

But what if you could be famous where you are: among the people who matter to you: in your home, your organization, and your community?

What would it take to be famous at work?

You could be known for the way you always have an ear for a hurting co-worker. You could be known for always arriving early, making the coffee and greeting everyone with a cheerful “Good morning.” Or you could be known for your ready smile, for knowing everyone’s birthday. You could be known for being the manager who stops, listens, gives people your attention.

What would it take to be famous in your family?

Could you be known for always remembering to take out the trash? For your special cinnamon whip cream and pancakes on Saturday? For your daddy-daughter dates on weekday evenings?

What would it take to be famous in your community?

You could be known for your careful watch over the neighborhood. You could be known for your yearly service project. You could be known for showing up, for involving others, for gathering people around a common cause.

Valuing and engaging others makes you famous where it matters. In order to be known for doing something good, you have to do it.

Start today.

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Who are the memorable people you know? How do they value and engage others?

What actions will you take to be famous where you are?

This was originally posted at Mountain State University LeaderTalk and is re-posted with permission.