A lovely creek runs through the ravine behind my home.

As spring turns to summer, the paths my husband works hard to clear through the woods can easily become overgrown; keeping the paths open requires regular attention.

If we venture off his carefully cleared paths, we get stuck. With every step, we get even more entangled, and briers and thorns cut into our skin.

When I get stuck, my instinct is to get out — move through —as fast as I can.

I don’t like getting stuck… and I bet you don’t either.

As an owner of a growing business, I get stuck a lot. The weeds I get stuck in can easily drag me down, off my desired path.

How did I end up in the weeds? Sometimes it’s not clear. The only thing that is clear is my desire to get out — as soon as possible.

But how?

A couple of my team members recently shared this observation: when I get in the weeds, they see me becoming more creative and strategic, thinking about new initiatives, next steps, and big ideas.

To tell you the truth, it drives them a little crazy.

They are wondering how to get through the day, and I’m dreaming far into the future.

They have their heads down, working hard to extricate themselves from the vines around their feet, and I’m standing there with my head tilted upwards, observing how beautiful the far away leaves are, how blue the clouds are, and how nice it is up there in the sky. (When I sit in the woods behind my house, the uppermost leaves look silver).

Here’s what to do when you get in the weeds: stop looking at the weeds.

Instead, look at where you’d rather be, in that nice flower-filled clearing just ahead.

Stop looking down. Stop looking back.

Instead, look up. Look out. Look at where you’d rather be.

When you do, you will unleash creativity and energy. As you persevere to the good things ahead, you’ll be out of the weeds and back on your desired path faster.