This post is part of our 2016 Team Buzz Builder Guest Blogger series. Today we are pleased to introduce you to Chris Jordan, a John Maxwell certified coach and blogger at CNE Ministry.

I would like to touch on a topic that seems to be coming up more and more in every facet of my life recently.

It’s a topic that there is quite a bit a “talk” about, that garners many people’s attention in attracting them to conferences, to churches, or to meetings surrounding this topic. There is quite a bit of intention in this topic as well. But if you know the saying… even the best intentions lead down a road of destruction. But why?

Well, let me share the topic of this post: Action.

Action is something we hear talked about everywhere we go. Action is something that can be good, bad or completely ignored. I believe a lot of leaders would agree with a statement like this: “Without vision, the people will perish.” It probably has been used in some form of what I just said throughout history. It’s a true statement. A powerful statement. But unless you are willing to put action behind that vision, how will that vision happen?

People wish, hope and pray for dreams to come true, for a vision of what they would want their life to be to materialize. People want to wake up one day in paradise with all the freedoms of life, to basically wake up in a life of significance.

John Maxwell nails this in his book Intentional Living when he says, “No people have ever thought themselves into significance. They acted themselves into it.” The italics are my emphasis. It is the point to this post. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having thoughts, hopes, desires, dreams, goals… visions. But you will never just happen to achieve them! It takes intentional action on your part.

Our team has a saying we share quite a bit: “Are you making foot prints, or are you making butt prints?” This is exactly what I am talking about. Action is what changes things. Vision is what gives us direction, and I believe vision is vital. Just as a vision without action won’t be fulfilled, action without a vision is blind movement. Like a hamster on a wheel. There is a lot of action, but no movement.

While this is a topic that can clearly go much deeper, this post is just focused on the action part, assuming you have a vision, a dream, or a goal already in mind. Now is the time to put it into action.

What dream or goal have you been pondering? What can you do today to intentionally move toward it? What is distracting you? What are you allowing to influence your time and allocation of resources?

If you truly want to reach your goals, then you must commit to intentional acts in that direction every day. Are you ready to act?


Chris JordanChris Jordan is married to Emily and they have two children. He is a USAF and Law Enforcement Veteran and holds a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Business Management from Johns Hopkins University. He also has obtained a graduate level Christian Ministry Certificate from Liberty University, and is very proud to be a certified John Maxwell leadership coach, speaker, and trainer. Incorporating these few achievements, and also his many failures, has opened up an opportunity for Chris and Emily to lead a team that trains, equips, and mobilizes people to take intentional action in fulfilling their purpose, dreams or goals. They love people and finding ways of serving them however they can. 


Image credit: geralt